Hey Peacemaker (The Remixes)

by Raely Elle

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"Hey Peacemaker" is a compilation of Remixed tracks from Raely Elle's "Peacemaker" Album.


released May 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Never Fade Records Portland, Oregon

Never Fade Records is a christian record label based out of Portland, OR. Current Artists: Raely Elle, M.I.C., & Mihre2.

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Track Name: Peacemaker ft. jusjosef (Remix by M.I.C. Instrumentals)
(Verse 1 - Raely Elle)

Why have we lost touch with real life relationships,
I'm talkin' 'bout one on one with you,
We face to face no hidin',
We so addicted to,
The media game,
I call it "Robot Crew",
Would it really hurt,
To be a man of your word?
Reach out and take your brother's hand,
I'm fightin' for that peace,
Fightin' for that love,
We need some unity to make a stand,
Ain't No, Ain't No love,
Ain't No, Ain't No love.

(Verse 2 - jusjosef)
No lie,
We transformed like an Autobot,
Fast life livin’,
Movin’ quicker than the Autobon,
Slow down,
We had beef like a butcher shop,
Christ came through and brought more peace than Woodstock,
They feelin’ you Rae,
The vibe is so phenomenal,
It got me ready to jump out on faith,
Like geronimooo,
Walk on water,
And didn’t get my J’s wet,
My God’s been around,
He’s classic like a tape-deck,
Say what?
I got the plug bro,
Punch me in,
Connected to the source,
And I don’t mean Columbian,
Five fo’ got me shinin’ like I’m white gold,
And all the dirt I did,
I know that’s what He died for,
Got me feelin’ like a champion,
Overcome by the blood,
It got me tattlin’,
Rather I testify,
Bless the MIC to edify,
They only live once,
I’m Mario,
With an extra life.

(Verse 3 - Raely Elle)

Ain't No love in these streets I see,
Got me feelin' like there's nobody,
Nobody ridin',
Nobody fightin',
So I call my Peacemaker,
Mr. El Shaddai,
He was mistreated,
He was beat, He was denied,
Even so, He had my back, yeah,
He said we gotta pray for our enemies,
Light up the world,
We go, we go, we go,
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
Hey Brutha, Hey Sister,
Peacemakas, We need ya,
Back to that love, Back to that, Back to that love.


Copyright Never Fade Records 2015
Track Name: Decoy ft. M.I.C. (DJ MikeyB Remix)
(Chorus - Raely Elle)

I see 'em plottin' over there yaa,
They try to trap me in their snare,
But I break 'em off,
I dust 'em off of,
My Should and they fade away,
So we call out,
Decoy, decoy,
Temptation on the rise,
Decoy, decoy,
It ain't never gonna get me,
I call 'em out,
I shut 'em off 'cause,
I'm free from those chains,
And there's no turnin' back.

(Verse 1 - Raely Elle)

I ain't turnin' back to the old me,
Back to the trap that tried to control me,
That's alright,
I don't need your bribes,
I'm content with Christ,
I'm movin' away,
Ya, I'm through with the games,
I'm not your slave,
You can't make me obey,
I was on the rock bottom,
You spinnin' me 'round,
That's where I found,
That Jesus wants to hold me down.


(Verse 2 - M.I.C.)

Back to the fact I never would have bet 'em in a game,
That devilish gang that severed a vein,
They never gonna stop and be satisfied,
Decoy's all around and they came to fight,
But Christ can conquer with a badge of light,
Hit 'em with the innocence,
Giving glory to God,
To be magnified,
Mind blow,
In a zone,
Cannot be recaptured,
My master's home,
Call on the phone,
When it rang,
Pass the phone,
devil's on the other line,
Ask him bro,
Does he know Jesus' passion is finnin' to blast a massive hole,
Take another moment to recap the throne,
And the weight of the cross,
Make our past be gone,
Started off with no gimmick,
In my hood was known as a menace,
Jesus Christ he came,
It is finished,
Get that strife up out of my business,
Ain't no witness to behold my feelin's,
All that pain that came to my raincoat,
That underground.
That run the town,
That catch a case and just lay low,
Then I got saved though,
Everything changed yo,
The ride woulda been lies,
To benefit I,
But when I die,
Will the Father be an infinite God,
And be alright in His mind,
With the weapon devised by my life,
He thought before,
He brought His story,
Bought me for a price,
And all things will be luminous,
No dark,
Musical like Motzart,
Beautiful when my whole heart,
Gets ressurected,
A fresh start,
Spirit came and undone my brain,
Workin' in my heart abundant mayne,
Temptation's whack,
I'm done with that,
And there's no turnin' back.


(Verse 3 - Raely Elle)

I'm movin' on like I ain't got a past,
Decoy behind me,
I put you on blast,
So have no fear,
My Savior's here,
He came to save the day,
(He came to save the day),
He gave me strength,
And gave me hope,
Showed me there's a better way.


Never Fade Records Copyright 2015
Track Name: Equipped (SCM Productions Remix)

Blessed from head to feet,
Equipped to protect me,
My life,
My whole life,
The scriptures telling me,
Ephesians 6:10 through 18,
The whole armor of Christ.

(Verse 1)
I've got my armor on,
And even if they take my life away,
I'mma stay with you,
You are my Shepard,
You're my amazing grace,
And I can't wait 'till I see your face, Yaa,
My god who reigns,
Above all things,
Has molded me a soldier of Christ,
(Ya ee yaa ee ya)
I'mma lay down my life,
Surrenderin' all my pride,
I know that obstacles will rise,
But I'm gon' fly.


(Verse 2)
When I've got my back against the wall,
I'mma cast my cares upon The,
And I won't even move at all,
I'mma hold my ground and wait,
Even when the enemies at my gate,
My soul you saved, (Soul you saved),
Oh what a price you paid,
With the life you gave,
On the cross that day,
You overcame that grave and made my sins all wash away,
I was bedeviled my a darkness that surrounded me,
But then your light, (your light),
It came in to save me.

Track Name: When The World Stops (Alpha Productions Remix)
Do we press pause?
Do we press stop, or does it even end our way?
When the world turns, when the clouds spin is that gonna be our last sin?
Deliver me, take me, outta this cold dark place,
Save me, maybe the world can run free again,

We can run free, we can fly, raise my blind fold and touch the sky.

(Verse 1)
When the world stops turning, take the last stand closed curtains,
(Baby we don't stop)
When the world stops spinning nobody's loosing or winning,
(Baby we don't stop)
When the fire stops burning I can breath again,
Black sky, black clouds, black everything,
Kept me blind, lift me up, I can see again,
Because you found me my friend.



And the world keeps changing, my life rearranging,
(Baby we don't stop)
Would ya please come save me,
I don't really know myself lately,
(Baby we don't' stop)
We turning tables when they say we wasn't able,
We keep it moving we don't care about the labels,
Standing on all white clouds so grateful,
Because you found me my friend.


Copyright Never Fade Records