Kingdom Cuts (Mixtape)

by E-Sential

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"Kingdom Cuts" is E-Sential's second official release, succeeding his "Spirit Led" Album in February 2010. This 10 track Mixtape is very ministry driven, printed & pressed in the the least expensive way in order to present it for free. No flash or glamour, just pure Kingdom Cuts.

Each song is unique in style and sound, making for a very diverse hip-hop experience. It features very close & talented friends of E-Sential, which adds a very team-like feeling to the mixtape.

Upon completing "Spirit Led" in 2010, E-Sential began working on what is now a completed 18 track album. This mixtape is only a taste of what is yet to come. Be on the lookout for his third release later this year, and in the mean time enjoy "Kingdom Cuts" absolutely free. Just click on the link above and enjoy!


released May 21, 2013

Executive Producer: M.I.C. (@IAmMadeInChrist)



all rights reserved


Never Fade Records Portland, Oregon

Never Fade Records is a christian record label based out of Portland, OR. Current Artists: Raely Elle, M.I.C., & Mihre2.

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Track Name: Welcome Home ft. James Julius & The Unknowns
(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
I remember swervin' in a ride,
With my homies all blunted up,
Swisher got me on another level,
Like I'm runnin' stuff,
Cadillac cruizin' on the strip,
Got me feelin' fresh,
With my posse by my side,
We livin' in the North West,
Confined by the bud smoke,
Had my eyes blood red,
Numb to the words of The Lord,
I'de rather puff instead,
Rather fill my cup to the top,
That's what I always said,
But through The Lord we put it to the stop,
'Cuz that'll leave me dead,
Leave me stuck in ruts,
Like a tire that's got no tread,
Like a brutha runnin' 'round in circles,
'Steada straight ahead,
The blood of Jesus got me cleaner then I've tried to be,
My sight is on The Lord and what He did for me on calvary,
In all actuality,
Life ain't 'bout my salary,
Life's about relationship with Christ,
Not them sacks of weed,
Drugs had me trapped like I was stuck up in a faculty,
But God opened up the door,
And now I'm truly set free.

(Chorus - James Julius)
I was so strung out,
Takin' fifths to the dome,
In my zone,
I was blown,
I was so far gone,
But The King scooped me out,
Ya He came to atone,
Left His throne,
And I heard Him say,
"Son Welcome Home".

(Verse 2 - Great Dame)
It's been a long time comin',
I'm feelin' like Sam Cook,
So many changes in my story like pages out of a book,
I'm like Darren Williams on the court,
Demons gettin' shook,
I got faith like potatoes,
I'm takin' a second look,
Down to ride to the end,
If we fall, we stand up stronger,
Coulda lost hope in this life,
If things took longer,
But Heaven moved,
Down on my path to bring me up,
Holy water pourin' out of the sky,
I drink it up,
No more wild night chasin',
Or smokin' in the basement,
Lonely nights sippin' that syrup,
Are replaced with,
A high life, joy that will never come down,
Countin' everything I lost,
For the Truth that I found,
Daily fallin' on my knees,
Askin' God to forgive,
All my sins in this broke down world that we live,
I'm ashamed of some of the cold things that I did,
I thank Jesus for His grace,
Paved a way for The Kid.

(Chorus - James Julius)

(Verse 3 - TRUe)
I could remember late November back in 05,
Pops died,
Straight denied the feelin' that I had inside,
Seein' the tears roll down from my sisters face,
Little brother lookin' stunned,
The oldest one with a bad taste, (That's Me),
Like, "Wheres God?",
And why He have to do this?,
If it's another lesson,
I don't wanna be a student,
I'm skippin' class in that a4,
And find a spot where we can kick back and get higher than the eagles,
It's adios amigos,
You can't go where me goes,
Too many questions in my mind,
Feel like I'm countin' zeros,
These things ain't addin' up,
So how can I say you're my hero?,
I got this ice box,
My heart is colder than sub-zero,
Had many years beside myself,
It's time to take a breather,
So Lord I'm still believing 'cuz you're showin' me your features,
Before I didn't understand,
Like, "Why I care if I'm holy?",
Then He revealed himself,

(Chorus - James Julius)

Copyright Never Fade Records 2013
Track Name: Fresh Wit' It ft. The Unknowns
(Chorus - TRUe)
All this time,
Living life,
But it ain't nothin' if I ain't got Christ,
'Cuz he keeps me fresh,
('Cuz he keeps me fresh)
'Cuz he keeps me fresh,
('Cuz he keeps me fresh)

(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
If it ain't fresh wit' it,
Then we don't mess wit' it,
Gotta stay blessed by the best,
Or we ain't wit' it,
Ya I stay dressed in my J's,
And my caps fitted,
But it's 'bout Christ in my life,
And to go witness,
Imma handle my business,
Actually it's God's business,
Imma preach the truth to the masses,
We soul fishin',
God said to go get 'em,
So I gotta let 'em know,
Tell 'em 'bout The Word,
Have you heard that it's edible,
That be the bread of life,
Man it's time to get it right,
If you cling to Christ,
You'll send a signal like a satellite,
Gotta fill the void in your heart with a better hype,
Everything the devil's given you is like a prototype,
God be the one that TRUe, & Dame, & I be reppin',
Sword of The Spirit on our lips,
That's our weapon,
Set with the script,
We equipped with protection,
Fresh is the word for my Lord,
What a blessing.

(Chorus - TRUe)

(Verse 2 - Great Dame)
A new start,
Fresh sheet of paper,
I stay on my Jesus hype,
Old sin see ya later, (Bye)
A new beginning,
Big ups to my maker,
Even though the road was jagged like the mouth of a gator,
I need His presence now,
Homie why wait?
'Cuz the path to destruction is an open wide gate,
Gonna keep it real with my family,
Why fake?
If you're tired of the past,
You can have a new slate,
Duck, duck, goose,
Tag now you're it,
You've been touched by The Holy Spirit flame that's lit, (That's lit)
Carry the torch,
We need to go further,
And we dying to our flesh daily dogg,
That's murder,
I'm a witness,
You can follow me,
And I'm with the homie E,
Finding refuge in a tree,
The tree of life,
Planted by the river,
I'm connected with the King,
All my dreams got bigger.

(Chorus - TRUe)

Never Fade Records
Copyright 2013
Track Name: Heirs To The Throne - ft. Great Dame
(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
If you ain't see me in the church,
Man I'm probably in the streets,
Tellin' people 'bout Jesus,
Man they need to be reached,
So many people in the pews,
And the church on they seats,
Sunday Christians,
They ain't Christians,
They just got they routines,
Gettin' fed by The Word,
When the Truth gets preached,
We need doers,
Not just hearers,
Gotta let The Word leak,
Man I think it's so weak,
After sermons people speak,
About everything but the word that was released,
Breaks my heart,
Same with God's too,
Man it's gotta cease,
Live it out,
No doubt,
Through the famine or the feast,
Be a light to this world,
Let ya faith increase,
Read Ephesians chapter 5 verse 8,
You'll see,
Holy Spirit it be moving,
Acts 2:43,
All the way to 47,
Livin' how we should be,
Sharin' everything they had,
Like a true family,
That's the church,
We the church,
Now let's be that strong team.

(Verse 2 - Great Dame)
They say, "Iron sharpens iron.",
So we hope that you're very sharp,
Wise words lead to survival,
Call it Noah's ark,
I'm tryin' to paint a picture,
How the church needs to play it's part,
Young men dying in the street cold,
With black hearts,
We need to go back to the start,
The church missed the mark,
Lettin' evil forces break our families apart,
Whatever happened to gettin' in prayer?
Seekin' Jesus?
Fastin' for a change in our city?
The people need this,
Christ is on the tip of our tongues,
We givin' speeches,
Holy Spirit dishin' out miracles,
Bringing healing,
Everybody's thinkin' that spirituals just a feelin',
Luke warm Christians in the grass are gettin' weeded,
It's funny,
Most preachers are led by the money,
And it's ugly,
'Cuz slow bees get drowned in the honey,
The Lord is lookin' down,
Trying to find a faithful witness,
Strong believers in the church,
Mean more than physical fitness.

(Chorus - E-Sential & Great Dame)
We're underground kings,
Disciples of the most high,
Front runners of The Lord's army,
Ya It's time to rise,
Luke warm Christians,
Get spewed out the Father's mouth,
Exposin' how it is from His Word,
That's what it's about.

(Verse 2 - E-Sential)
We are hears of The Lord,
Galatians 4:7,
We got favor from our God,
Whose throne is in heaven,
If He's for us,
Who can be against us?
That's my question,
We got God by our side,
No need to be stressin',
Look at David,
He done took out a giant,
'Cuz God's with him,
We can do all things through Christ,
Who strengthens us,
Listen to these lyrics,
'Cuz the scripture,
Designed to give hope,
Not a fortune or a saying,
It's truth that's been wrote,
That's soo real,
It's the truth,
Receiving it by faith,
Promises from our God,
That make your soul safe,
He makes the earth quake,
He makes the ground shake,
He created everything,
The sky, rivers, and lakes,
The tide with every wave,
The food your stomach craves,
Just trying to persuade,
His blood it truly saves,
Now step into His ways,
You'll see them brighter days,
You'll be truly amazed,
Your old life was a phase.

(Chorus - Great Dame)

(Chorus - E-Sential)

Never Fade Records Copyright 2013
Track Name: Love Lettah
Yes Jesus,
"And when I see the blood,
I will pass over you,
And the plague shall not be upon you to detroy you."
Exodus 12:13,
I plea your blood over this track Lord.

(Verse 1)
When I write,
Ya that's right,
Imma write for The Lord,
Imma praise Him with the blood of this pen,
Imma let the ink bleed,
With my heart on me sleeve,
While I sing, "Hallelujah, Amen", (Amen)
Ain't no writers block here,
When The Spirit draws near,
Just a poet for The Lord writin' rhymes,
Like I'm locked up,
Writin' letters to my loved ones,
You could say that I got a prison mind,
Got me livin' by faith,
In a confident way,
Ain't no need for me to go and seek signs,
Slangin' life on these tracks,
'Steada drugs by the packs,
Got me on the street,
Steady on the grind,
People need to know Christ,
'Cuz His words are life,
He heals folks that are broke in a bind,
And as I represent Him,
As my closest friend,
I'll give Him glory man,
We gotta let Him shine,
Let's ride.

This ain't nothin' but a love lettah,
All for God man,
Tell me whose blood's redda?
I wear my heart on my sleeve of my red sweata',
And rep' Christ,
'Cuz there's no one in the world betta'.

(Verse 2)
Dear Lord I gotta write for you,
A love lettah,
What's betta',
Got me hyped to do,
I'll memorize and recite for you,
Like David did in the Psalms,
Write a verse or two,
You saved me from when I was all confused,
Lost stuck in my bondage without a clue,
You got my heart when I awoke to you,
And that you bled,
And you died just to make me new,
It's crazy 'cuz I never noticed you,
A hopeless dude,
Livin' on a vein persuit,
Like Abel's brother Cain do,
But then you opened up my eyes,
The light came through,
Before I was stuck up in a storm,
Without a rain suit,
But now I'm livin' for you Jesus,
I'll read this,
To people everywhere,
Through my thick and thin seasons,
You got me pleadin'
Your blood for a reason,
I pray for your healin',
Lord come lead us.


My love letter right here,
Hope ya'll feel it,
But most of all,
Man I hope that you know,
Gods got a love letter for you,
A sacraficial unconditional love letter,
It's got 66 books,
Nothin' but pure love man,
Go pick it up,
Talkin' 'bout His Word,
Ya Ya.

Never Fade Records Copyright 2013
Track Name: Be Wise ft. TRUe
(Intro - E-Sential)
This life thing right here man,
It's real serious,
You only get one of them you know?
And I ain't talkin' YOLO either, (Haha)
Just sayin' be mindful,
Life is precious.

(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
I rep Christ with my life,
Gots ta put Him first,
Above all things,
'Cuz this land is cursed,
The old me dead and gone,
Man we laid it in a hearse,
The burial spot was at the alter of my church,
Had a grip on my old life but things got worse,
The devil's workin' overtime on the lurk,
Couple friends died from drugs,
Ya they got murked,
And you think that'd change 'em,
But they still touchin' that dirt,
It's sad man,
I wanna see transformed lives,
Before they swept in the tide,
Forever kept deprived,
Nights of drunkenness and temporary highs,
Blinded spiritual eyes from all the tears God cries,
It's a battlefield here with Kamikaze suicides,
Not knowin' what they do when they influenced by they pride,
The path to heaven's narrow,
But the gate to hell's wide,
And to sum it all up,
I'm just sayin' "BE WISE".

(Chorus - TRUe)
God is callin' you,
Be wise,
Show up,
Do what you need to do,
Before it blows up.

(Verse 2 - E-Sential)
I gotta be livin' with the urgency,
Prayin' and seekin' fervently,
All sin up in my life,
The Holy Spirit it be purgin' me,
I'm a work in progress certainly,
Perfect doesn't occur to me,
Until the day I'm with my Lord in heaven for eternity,
Spreadin' light to lost peeps,
Tryin' ta help them lost sheep,
Back to the path before the wolves wanna have a feast,
It' gettin' crazy man,
This life thing can be a beast,
So I cling to Christ,
Given sight when I hear him speak,
People stackin' money, riches, cars, and clothes,
But they could gain the whole world,
And still lose they soul,
As I look at wise words from a man named Job,
In this world He came naked,
So then naked He will go,
Why live a filthy life,
Heart dark as coal,
When we could trust God and be washed whiter than snow,
So the main thing that I want y'all to know,
Is that life is but a vapor,
Treat it carefully bro.

(Chorus - TRUe)

(Bridge - TRUe)
Lord I need you,
Right here in my life, (In my life)
When I make moves,
It's hard to see right, (See right)
Oh how long,
I wanna mount on your wings, (Your wings)
Get a birds eye view,
I need you to show me what to do.

(Chorus - TRUe)

(Outro - E-Sential)
This one goes out to all my friends ya know,
Passed away,
Jon Gizdavich,
Donny Strite,
Brandon Anderson,
Chris Bodell,
Jake Soller,
Diego Collins,
Curt Hullender,
Anne Johnston,
Eric English,
Carna Couples,
You know,
A lot of special people right here,
And I feel like they serve as a great example,
Just to show how precious life really is,
Choose Christ,
ya, Be wise,
Be Wise.

Christian Rap ©2013 Never Fade Records
Track Name: That's My Job
Come on,
Up in this busy world man,
Everybody's got jobs you know?,
They do,
But to be smokin' weed,
All that stuff,
That's not my job,
Not my job,
Livin' for God though,
That's a different story,
That's my job,

(Verse 1)
As I go back to my city,
People still livin' shifty,
Meth busts in the newspaper,
Real gritty,
People in the bar sippin' liquor like a fishy,
A lot of them I went to high school with,
My cliquey,
Young bucks lookin' up to them gettin' tipsy,
And now they want to do it too,
Man that's kinda risky,
A couple friends are pregnant,
Because they got frisky,
And now they gotta grow up fast,
Life's been a quicky,
I pray for the city,
God show us pity,
I know you love everyone in my whole committee,
But sin's soo filthy, unhealthy, and gritty,
You hate it with a passion,
Because it leaves you empty,
The devil's real tricky,
Deceitful and wity,
People so blind,
Situations gettin' sticky,
But praise God,
He sent His perfect Son,
That's picky,
If He never did it that would suck like a hickey.

I rip mics,
All for Christ,
That's my job,
Expose dark with the light,
That's my job,
I know I couldn't do a single thing without God,
So I gotta put Him first,
At the very top,
Smoke weed?,
Get drunk?,
Not my job,
Lie, cheat, steal homie?,
Not my job,
Live to speak life on a track with my God,
'Cuz worldly talk just sounds like,
"Blah, blah, blah".

(Verse 2)
Yo I ain't claiming to be perfect,
'Cuz I slip into it too,
Backsliding messing with the fire,
It's not cool,
Sin will make you sick up in your heart like the flu,
But God will make you fresh,
Like some brand new shoes,
No more singing blues,
I'm clinging to The Truth,
Repenting to the fullest man,
Just doin' what it do,
I'm cliqued up with a crew,
Stickin' close like glue,
Fightin' demons every day,
Kinda like kung-fu,
Nothin' in the world,
Could ever undo,
The love of God for me,
And the love of God for you,
That's in Romans 8:31,
I'd assume,
Take a look in your book,
You'll be hooked,
Read it soon,
Look close up in the scripture,
Like a camera with a zoom,
The Word of God is potent,
Like a dynamite boom,
So throw away the bud, coke, E, and the shrooms,
God's got greater plans,
Gotta make room.


Never Fade Records © 2013
Track Name: Hungry ft. Raely Elle
(Intro - E-Sential)
I hunger for you Lord.

(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
I got a hunger and a thirst that be deep inside,
If I live by bread alone,
Then my soul will die,
It says in John that your words be the bread of life,
To be exact, that be John 6:35,
Every word of God is pure,
So be purified,
If you do what you heard,
And the words apply,
Some people tear it up and burn it,
Makes me wanna cry,
Cuz every sentence was from God,
Ya for you He died,
Eat it up,
Renew your mind,
Feeding off the truest lines,
Jesus came to redefine,
The way we live as human kind,
That is such a clear sign,
Heal the leper and the blind,
Made a way for lost sinners,
Who commit the worst of crimes,
God I need your nourishment,
Time with you is evident,
You're my Lord, my King, my Truth, my Life, and you're my President,
I speak this all in present tense,
Knowin' that you're heaven sent,
Send your Holy Spirit like the rain in this regiment.

(Chorus - Raely Elle)
I'm hungry for your love,
I'm thirsty for your mercy from above,
And I don't wanna waste another day,
On treasures that will pass away,
It's you Lord that I crave.

(Verse 2 - E-Sential)
Before I make my bed,
I gotta get in your word,
I gotta read ya text,
And let your truth be heard,
It's like a hunger and thirst,
That I be prayin' for daily,
Need that spiritual food,
That my spirit man's craving,
Bread of life for breakfast,
Warm milk when I'm restless,
Eat the media script,
When I be learnin' your lessons,
First Corinthians 3:2,
God you're so majestic,
It's a wonderful blessin',
No more need to be stressin',
Read John 6:55 and Mathew 6 verse eleven,
Revelation 2:17,
That's the manna from heaven,
I be steadily steppin',
Toward your ways of perfection,
Know I'm far from perfection,
But one day we'll be let it,
I'm depriving myself,
Ya when your words I ain't checkin',
Spiritually I gotta grow,
Your words are life resurrection,
Psalm 119 verse 67,
That was me,
Now I'll cling to your word with reverence.

(Chorus - Raely Elle)

(Bridge 1 - E-Sential)
You're my life you're my peace,
I got a hunger be my feast,
The living fountain that I drink,
You're the boat keepin' me afloat,
So I never sink, like,
You're my life you're my peace,
I got a hunger be my feast,
The living fountain that I need,
You're the breath that I breathe,
You're the bread that I receive.

(Bridge 2 - Raely Elle)
Love is,
It's the greatest motivation,
The fruit found in Galatians,
Read verse 22 chapter five you'll see,
Spirit of Christ come rain down on me,
Fill me up put your grace in my cup Lord,
Fill me up,
Fill me up up.

(Chorus - Raely Elle)

Christian Rap/Christian R&B
Portland Oregon
Never Fade Records
© 2013
Track Name: You're The Type
(Verse 1)
A type of woman with integrity,
Always fighting for purity,
One that's growing up in the faith,
She got maturity,
Dressin' with modesty,
Thinkin' of others obviously,
Not lustin' after money,
Like people do for the lottery,
She's always stickin' by my side with comradery,
Us three we make a great team,
Her, God, and Me,
She stole my heart,
It was something like a robbery,
Taking great care of it,
Truly we were meant to be,
Someone kind of like an Esther or a Ruth,
She stands for what's right,
Ain't ashamed of the truth,
She's cool with my crew,
Down to hang with the group,
Doesn't take away,
But adds to what God has improved,
And every time she speaks,
I'm so blessed,
'Cuz she edifies encourages,
When life gets stressed,
She ain't perfect,
But she's got a perfect God who's the best,
Inside her heart,
And when I find her,
I will have to express.

I'm so glad I found you (x4)
(You're the greatest girl that I've been dying to meet)

(Verse 2)
A type of woman that is always reading up in God's word,
She hungers and she thirsts,
For The Lord as she learns,
Quick to discern right from wrong,
'Cuz she's firm,
Solid in the faith,
And her works won't burn,
Ain't impressed by material things,
Or the money people got,
Unless they use it for The King,
She lookin' for a marriage,
Not a one night fling,
Classy in her walk,
Man she somethin' like a queen,
And I be talkin' like a Proverbs 31,
Woman of The Lord,
The way she livin' got me stunned,
She mission minded and submissive to The Son,
Heedin to His word,
There's plenty work to be done,
She oh so gracious,
When she talk and when she speak,
Giving great instruction to the people up in need,
The type of lady that be livin' oh so free,
Walkin' in The Lord,
And when I find her,
I will sing.


"The man who finds a wife finds treasure,
And receives favor from The Lord",
Proverbs 18:22,
So until that day,
I'll just be seekin' Christ,
Waitin' patiently at His feet,
And being prepared,
For the good that's yet to come,
So whoever you are,
Wherever you are,
I pray you're doing the same,
Much love.

Never Fade Records © 2013
Track Name: Forever
(Verse 1)
Lord when I think about your goodness,
I just get up in my own zone,
Peace is what I feel to know,
That my sin's atoned,
Grace is what you're giving me,
When I'm all alone,
Feelin' nothin' but your presence,
That's where I be truly home,
Just thinkin' 'bout forever,
When I'm in a better place,
Surrounded by them angels,
And I'll get to see your face,
Lovin' every second of it,
'Cuz you'll say I ran the race,
Great as a good faithful servant,
And I kept the faith,
No more pain,
No more sorrow,
No more cloudy grays,
Only sunshine, rainbows, and golden pave,
No more doubt,
No more worries,
No more bad days,
Only true complete joy,
Ya givin' God praise,
Heaven minded,
Got Philippians 4:8,
That I'm applying,
In your peace,
That's where I'll stay,
Under the comfort of your wings,
Like the birds of prey,
Connected to my Lord,
Like the bones in your vertebrae.

Jesus Christ you're The King that I love,
You're The King up above,
And you poured out you're blood,
Ya, Uh,
And I'mma follow you Lord forever,
I can't wait,
Ya, to be with you Lord forever.

(Verse 2)
I should be dead,
I should be gone,
I should be out,
Or stuck in jail,
'Cuz I chose to take the wrong route,
I could be slangin' out the poison,
With the wrong crowd,
Stuck up in a maze,
Always lost like I'm in a cloud,
I couldn't see,
I was blind,
It had me want' to shout,
Hittin' rock bottom,
Got a brotha' filled with doubt,
Then I received G-O-D,
That's what its about,
John to the 3:16,
Go and check it out,
Nehemiah 9:17,
Got me feelin' stout,
God you're so gracious,
Forgiving and know just how,
This world works,
I can see the blood from ya brow,
You died for the world,
Even though it beat you down,
That's crazy love,
You got me wowed,
Through my lyrics,
I give praise to you right now,
Before I met you,
I was makin' such a whack sound,
Spittin' on your crown,
I was lost,
Now I've been found.


Never Fade Records © 2013
Track Name: Victory
(Verse 1)
Where my soldiers at Lord?,
'Cuz we gotta' make war,
Every day is like a battle,
In this flesh,
To the core,
Lion of Judah by my side,
And He's fierce with a roar,
That'll pierce the ears of demons,
Knock 'em flat to the floor,
Like an eagle we gon' soar,
In the heavens with The Lord,
Singing songs of victory,
With my troops,
One accord,
Ain't no Greek mythology,
Hercules, Zeus, Thor,
This is somethin' bigger Dogg,
This is Christ we want more,
This is God who made a way,
Through His Son,
That's for sure,
Even though the sky was grey,
And His body ripped torn,
He defeated death by resurrection,
That we can't ignore,
Holy Spirit fall like rain,
On our armor let it poor, Hey.

This is our victory song,
We movin' on,
To another level,
'Til we be gone,
We standin' strong,
Beatin' on these devils,
'Cuz we belong to God,
We rebels,
Something that we will not settle,
So fightin' is how we handle,
Let's Go.

(Verse 2)
Overcomin' elevatin,
With Christ we're not forsaken,
Never shaken,
We awaken our faith to Revelation,
Got me prayin' without ceasing,
Believing up in His Truth,
Persevering through my season,
Not alone I'm with my crew,
Unashamed of the proof,
No spoof,
We bare fruit,
All because of Jesus,
And what He did for me and you,
Got a strong foundation,
Some say we got roots,
Tough like bamboo shoots,
Or metal Mario suites,
Like, "What it do?",
A lot of people don't got a clue,
That Revelation's at the door,
Man we better make room,
It's either heaven or doom,
But to The Lord we salute,
With favor,
With victory,
Won't see no death,
No more gloom,
And he defeated the tomb,
So that we all could resume,
Up in eternal life,
With Jesus Christ,
There's plenty of room,
Said he defeated the tomb,
So that we all could resume,
Up in eternal life,
With Jesus Christ,
There's plenty of room.


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