Made New

by James Julius

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The "Made New" Album is James Julius' first official release. He began working on the project in 2010 with producer and friend M.I.C. of Never Fade Records. Although James Julius' vocal work was completed in early 2012, post production pushed the album release to late 2012.

The title of the album represents ones transformation through Christ. The process of being "made new" is depicted in 2nd Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!"

The entire album is truly a journey from beginning to end. The opening track "Everyday" sets the stage for the audience to understand the need to be made new. James Julius writes, "I wake up kicking and screaming.." painting a picture of torment and utter brokenness. Throughout the first few songs, the need for a brand new start is apparent.

The remainder of the album contains the meat of a believers transformation. Profound truths and wisdom combined with catchy but witty lyrics to deliver a gospel centered message to the listener. Finally ending the album with "Break 'Em Off" which serves as a reminder of the Great Commission that Jesus gives us in Matthew 28:16-20.

The album cover represents being "made new" as well. On the left you see James Julius dressed in ripped clothing, wearing one sock, unshaven, depressed, and begging for money. Yet he is surrounded by worldly success. On the right you see James Julius wearing a nice suit, happy, praising God, but in a slum with no possessions.

The way he is dressed represents his soul. On one side you see him rugged, dirty, and in need of transformation. While on the other you see a clean and new creation full of peace and joy. The surroundings represent the world in many ways. In one way the money, car, and mansion represent a life you could possibly have but still be broken and lonely inside. While the contrast of the slums and nice suit represent the completeness you receive from salvation though Christ no matter what physical situation you are in. Also the world view of how following Jesus is the ignorant and unsuccessful choice compared to the riches and lavish lifestyle you are "supposed" to chase.

All tracks are recorded, mixed, & mastered by executive producer M.I.C. of Never Fade Records. Visit for an exclusive written commentary from producer M.I.C. of Never Fade Records!


released September 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Never Fade Records Portland, Oregon

Never Fade Records is a christian record label based out of Portland, OR. Current Artists: Raely Elle, M.I.C., & Mihre2.

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Track Name: Everyday - ft. Raely Elle
(Chorus - ELLE)

Every Day,
I sit, I wait, I pray,
But something's in my way,
Lord help me find my grace,
To win or lose this race.
Find myself trying to win,
But these walls wont let me in,
I need your strength - your love.
(Yea, yea, yea)

(Verse 1 - James Julius)

What happened to me?
I used to be so passionate,
Now when The Spirit rolls through I'm passin' it,
Now I'm chillin' with the flesh instead of attackin' it,
Help me see that your grace is immaculate,
I need your grace, I need your strength,
I don't really give a care what people think,
Cuz the pain starts to gain and I can't maintain,
It looks like I'm just stuck in a rain,
With no umbrella,
I'm just another fella who got his shortcomings,
Man I shoulda known betta,
And the rain keeps falling and I keep gettin' wetta',
No signs if sunshine,
No signs of gettin' betta,
How'd this happen?
I'm so gone in the midst of storm in a danger zone,
I'm callin' to you now, "Please pick up your phone"
Cuz I'm lost and I don't know how to get home,
I'm broken, was hopin' that you would open your arms,
And let me rest in your pleasant presence from dusk until dawn,
Oh I'd do anything just to feel your love,
Lord come fill my cup,
I'm desperate for your touch Father,
Cuz I can't get enough!


(Verse 2 - James Julius)

I keep on sinnin',
I can't keep goin' pretending,
Like this aint killin' me cuz really I don't feel like I'm livin',
At night when I'm asleep,
I toss and turn in my sheets,
Because of my dreams I'm havin' scenes of burnin' agony and heat,
I wake up kickin' and screamin',
Lord Jesus what is the meanin'?!
Is this my fate that I'm seein' when I'm no longer breathin?!
I hit my knees and start grievin',
Tell my soul, "It's time for a cleanin!"
Act like the tower of Pisa,
And I begin to start leanin',
On the son like I oughta be,
The one who's ruling sovereignly,
The potter who spotted me,
Molded me like I was pottery,
Man I shoulda been dead,
In the ground them worms shoulda been fed,
But ya you heard my cry Lord,
Ya your heard when i said,
"The enemy,
Gettin' me, sendin' me plenty of negative energy,
Help me please, I'm on my knees,
I need you now, I can't see,
I'm on the line,
Can't go no further right,
I'm lookin' for the light,
But ya I'm walking blind."

(Verse 3 - James Julius)

Every Day, Every Day,
I'm tryin' to get away,
I can't take it not much longer,
Put your grace on me!
When the stone rolled away,
We was sold that day,
And aint no jokin',
If you broken you can be whole today,
And that's the fact of the factor ya!
The "Happy Eva Afta",
Some of y'all got it twisted,
You need to re-read ya chapters,
Ya His, love is extravagant,
But dog that's only half of it,
His wrath is just,
So don't act like the price was inadequate,
Pick up your cross daily,
Man aint no probablys or maybe,
Or you'll be hiding from the son,
Askin', "Why is it so shady?"
You gotta make war,
Don't befriend the enemies tendencies tend to leave plenty grief,
Often offendin' me,
So often I off-em, pop-em, start closin' the coffin,
I'm sick of all his antics,
But you won't catch me coughin',
And I'm not longer a slave,
To myself and my sinfulish ways,
I gotta pick up my cross daily,
Do it every day!


Copyright Never Fade Records 2011
Track Name: In His Own Time - ft. M.I.C. & M.K.J.
(Intro - James Julius)
Father God,
It just feel like,
Sometimes I be prayin' to ya,
But my prayers go unanswered,
But I know,
Ya, you provide,
Ya, in your own time, (x2)

(Verse 1 - James Julius)
Lord I'm sorry sometimes,
If I feel so faithless,
But right now it's kinda hard to keep a smile on my face when,
Everybody's droppin',
Got me sayin' my grace,
And I wait for you Father,
But please give me the patience,
Like my uncle Butchy,
Ya mayne, we lost him,
Somebody comfort my daddy when they start closin' the coffin,
I lift my voice to you often,
Knowin' this life can be scary,
But party when I'm dead and buried,
All the way to the cemetery,
Now my daddy in rehab,
No longer a fiend that,
Be fiendin' for that poison,
Please don't let him go relapse,
And my mamma's sick,
Her treatment's just makin' her sicker,
I hear the voice in my head say,
"Numb the pain with the liquor",
But then I open my scriptures,
Read how your picture was bigger,
And how your grace could fall on me,
Ya, the biggest of sinners,
Forgive the sin in me, Yup,
And get rid of the enemy,
Penitentiary tendencies broken down by the trinity.

(Chorus - James Julius)
When it rains, It rains,
And when it pours, It pours,
And when He closes one up,
I know He opens more doors,
They say the grass is always greener on the other side,
Don't worry,
He'll provide in His own time.

(Verse 2 - M.I.C.)
I'm always judging people,
Can't get away from my struggle,
I hear my call to feed 'em,
But I won't even be humble,
Enough to offer freedom,
So that's the way that I crumble,
I put my face in the rubble,
Like a disgrace to my mother,
I say I'm unashamed,
But I be packin' so much shame that I'm back,
And spittin' raps on these tracks to slow my pain,
I be praying every single day,
"Father I'm stained!",
But I grow faker every time I say I'm trustin',
I ain't,
I am so frivolous, (frivolous)
With my sin it's ridiculous,
Yo, I been in this predicament since I was an infant,
And my nemesis, (nemesis)
Is my desire for menace,
I beg you Lord to end this,
On my knees in repentance,
I hear my heart beat, (heart beat)
And I'm able to relax,
The fact is that the master has the hour glass,
On these dark streets, (dark streets)
And I'm grateful that I last,
The past has traveled fast to pass,
That's where Im at.

(Chorus - James Julius)

(Verse 3 - M.K.J.)
Here in my city,
It ain't pretty,
Always lookin' like, "Who gon' get me?",
Hard out here just tryin' to make it,
But it's sin they do,
With all to take t,
All in my face they fakin',
Lord, provide a way,
You say it's hard for you?
Man it's hard for M.K.J.,
But I know this acronym,
It's what keeps me grounded,
My King Jesus,
In Him I'm founded,
This world dryin' up but I'm drinkin from the fountain,
But I'm still thirsty and still need a way out and,
Seein' my people dying,
Seein' my people hurting,
Seein' my people leave the faith,
It really hurts me,
One thing we have to realize,
Jesus went through more pain then we'll ever go through,
So why even complain,
My Jesus made a way,
In Him, we are saved,
In Him, we have peace,
In Him, we here today,
So worry not my people,
I been through it to,
But in His timing which is always right,
He will see you through,

(Chorus - James Julius)

Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: Never Let Go - ft. Raely Elle & The Music Miss
(Verse 1)
Straight up out the water with my hands to the savior,
Call Him elevator,
Mama let Him elevate 'cha,
No Mentos but He the fresh maker,
Alpha and omega,
Who you know that was greater?
The trinity, I'm talkin' 'bout the Son, Spirit, Father,
Don't treat 'em like magic,
He ain't a genie in a bottle, (Bottle)
Ya I'm talkin' Christina Aguilera,
The kingdom guides her hand,
But I didn't mean to scare ya,
Scare ya, know I want The Father to repair ya,
Pair ya to the one who gives ya' vision clearer,
Clear ya from distraction,
He don't wanna share ya,
If you wanna change the world,
Change the man in the mirror,
M.J., but he'll never fade away,
There's so many distractions that be tryin' to distract me,
Ya there's so many decoys,
Gotta me spinnin' like B-Boys,
But I shake 'em,
Break their ankles to the goal like I'm B-Roy.

(Chorus - Raely Elle & The Music Miss)
I fell a thousand times but still I know you'll never let go,
You see the wrongs in my life,
And still you never let go,
Never let go,
You'll Never let go,
Never let go,
You'll never let go,
I fell a thousand times but still I know you'll never let me go.

(Verse 2)
I fell a thousand times,
Still you have forgiven me,
You called me outta darkness while I was your enemy,
And all the sin in me was drastically diminishing,
My inner being chokin' me out like a guillotine,
Two & nine, Ya i'm talkin' first Peter,
Chosen by God,
Ya, I'm God's people,
Don't ever let the devil come and deceive ya,
'Cuz he'll straight beat ya,
He'll thief ya then leave ya,
You remain the same unlike the rest of them,
No not a comfort inn,
But you can rest in Him,
And Jacob was crazy to try to wrestle Him,
He never took an L in His life,
Who wanna mess with Him?
The earth proclaims the name,
The King of Kings,
If we didn't say a thing the rocks would scream His name,
Jesus Christ, the rock who was slain,
The top of the game,
The S.P.F. who's blockin' the flame.

(Chorus - Raely Elle & The Music Miss)

(Verse 3)
So I praise more,
Lord Jesus thank you,
Let the redeemed of The Lord stand up and say so,
I done pushed you away,
Time and time before,
And I was seconds from my death,
But still you never let go,
Go ahead homie,
You can call me the names,
Take all of the fame,
And here you go take all of the change,
A new creation homeboy,
No longer the same,
I model The King,
Breakin' shackles and all of the chains,
You can call me a lame,
I ain't bein' appeasin', people pleasin',
It don't matter as long as Christ sees me,
Ya, You can hate me but you'll never really fade me though,
Even if they cock it back and then they let it go,
And I'mma let it blow right up out ya stereo,
And let 'em know,
Ain't no burden He can't carry bro,
We profess the name,
We unashamed!
Not Lecrae,
But we still rep' 116!

(Chorus Raely Elle & The Music Miss)

Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: For A Long Time
I been doin' this for a long time,
He Gon' break it down,
Break it, Break it down,
If Y'all don't mind.
I been doin' this for a long time,
A long time,
Break it, Break it down,
If Y'all don't mind.

(Verse 1)
I've been doin' this for a long time,
Runnin' round these streets actin' like I lost my mind,
I was down for the mess,
Lay 'em down if he flex,
I would always run to trouble,
Wouldn't stop to take a breath,
I was out to make that paper,
Stick you up and shake ya,
Never was a giver,
Best believe I was a taker,
Lil' mama, ya she cute,
Yup she's my desire,
Do anything to get her,
Ever turned into a liar,
Tell her how much I like her,
And ain't nobody like her,
Come to my crib we could pull an all nighter,
Now I'm feelin' torn when the flesh came to tempt me,
Did my dirty works,
Dawg I still feel empty.


(Verse 2)
Now I smoke a lot of purp,
And I drink away my pain,
Feel like I needed high just to keep my mind sane,
Yup, when I hear the truth,
I tell 'em, "No more mind games",
I could never trust you,
And that's just my mind frame,
Feelin' hopeless loosin' focus,
It's not how it's supposed to be,
How can I cope with hurtin' folks that's supposed to be close to me,
I been doin' this for too long,
Pick it up, get it up,
Let's move on,
Sick of the predicament,
It's gettin' ridiculous,
And now I think I'm through homes,
Move on with my life,
No more pain & no more strife,
Knowing everything's gonna be alright,
Every good thing comes with sacrifice,
Remember all them walls that were standin' around,
He said, "If you don't mind, well let's break 'em on down."


(Verse 3)
He ain't say it was easy,
Matter fact, some of it's hurtin' me,
But you gotta expect pain when you're having open heart surgery,
He's cleanin' and purging me from all my impurities,
Hurry Jesus come save me,
'Cuz I think I'm destroyin' me,
'Cuz I been stuck in the same sin for some years and some days,
And I don't know if this old dog can change his old ways,
I'm depending on you,
Can you take and ya raise me like a baby,
Can you carry me back to safety,
You set this world before me,
Ya, you made and you paved it,
Everytime I run on my own I face plant the pavement,
Your grace is amazing,
It's the sweetest of sounds,
In order to lift me up,
You gotta break me down.


Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: It All Burns - ft. M.I.C.
It all burns...

(Verse 1 - James Julius)

You can't serve two masters,
You can read it from scriptures,
You takin' portraits with Mammon but photo-shop Jesus in pictures,
And I don't know what you're sick of,
You try'n to out whit the whitta,
Or an anemic throwin' up, cuz she drunk off 'a liquor,
Now let me get a little minute imma show you right,
How the clothes, and the jewels, and the ice you buy,
And a little bit of your hearts desire,
Will neva eva leave you satisfied,
I don't know if ya heard,
While you sit back and fantasize about jewels,
But my God,
Ya He known as a jealous God,
You can sick back and tell the lie,
Talkin' 'bout you prepared to die,
But them rims don't mean nuthin',
When you stand before el shaddai,
He steady gonna try ta make his knot thick,
On the corner on the block with the rocks hid,
4 4 with crome oh no please don't go,
Make him go and cock it,
Come on homes stop it,
That guap have you tied in a knot quick,
You think you can buy your salvation with what's in your pocket?
When will he learn?
Perhaps when death takes its turn,
And the only payment is CHRIST,
All other currency burns.

(Chorus - James Julius)

I see 'em all the time on the corner flippin' the work,
Not concerned with it at all man, when will he learn?
I see 'em on the grind all the time focused on pay,
At the end of the day it could be set to a blaze,

(Verse 2 - M.I.C.)
Am I concerned with how the fire burns?
Take a second and I think about the light emerging,
In the sky when I die the messiah returns,
I could neva' pay the price so for Christ I be yearning,
And I've been livin' in a mad world,
Keepin' even you, and Him, and I twirled,
They tell me that money is everything even a password,
All the currency is set up into flames,
Try to pay the way through the gates but you can't,
Try to find a way through the maze that you paint,
Becoming so dazed in this place that you faint,
Take the cash and the cars, turn your back on your God,
And you wonder why wrath is so hard?
It is in the dark, you're losing your heart,
To heathens who rip you apart,
The hottest of seasons,
Will burn up your currency without a reason,
So come unto Jesus,
The one who the father's eternally pleased with.


(Verse 3 - James Julius)

It burns, it burns us,
We wasted time in that furnace,
We let that money go to our head,
You could say it was perming us,
I wanted chains hang to the flo' my mayne,
To push a whip that was foreign,
A G5-2 goes soaring in,
Hittin' birdy's like a PGA tournament,
But then I realized there was more my friend,
In Jesus Christ who was a cure for sin,
He let them beat Him down to the floor and then,
Hung Him from a tree like an ornament,
You think you're rich you're poorer then,
General Motors takin' another loan again,
Or a homeless man, with a Folgers can,
Sittin' on da side of the road again,
Oh please,
You better go bow down on both knees,
All of these rats just want mo' cheese,
He gettin' the glock and then servin' the rock for the dope fiends,
And he's boasting,
But when the sky cracks,
And he hear a loud voice say, "IM BACK",
And the picture is clearer than IMAX,
His possessions start burning like dime sacks,
Divine facts,
Given to all of these blind cats,
Wishin' they could rewind time back,
Beggin' the Lord to rewind that, rewind that,
So remember while you're out,
And you're makin' your pay,
Cuz at the end of the day it could be set to a blaze,


Copyright Never Fade Records 2011
Track Name: What's The Word?
(Verse 1)
There's a new beginnin', no sinnin',
Imma lift my hands high while I praise my Lord,
Everybody get crunk, get hyphy,
You got somethin' to praise Him for,
His power's infinite,
Homie, I've got to witness it,
Revelations to Galatians, and all the way back to Genesis,
When He created man out of dust and,
Way before pain and destruction,
It was perfect harmony,
Bonding with The Father,
Nothing could move us when,
We met that snake in the grass,
Blatant his task,
Breakin' us fast,
Satan be hatin' to make us forsake our Dad,
Makin' Him sad,
So, from there we known as strangers,
The world so dark, so dangerous,
Everybody lookin' for forgiveness,
But He was tucked away in a manger,
He is security,
No question about His purity,
Teaching lessons to the majority,
And spoken with authority!

What's the word? (What's the word)
What's the biz? (What's the biz?)
Have you heard? (Have you heard?)
The King lives! (The King lives!)
Jesus died for my sins to be forgiven, ya!
But He didn't die for my sins to be continued! naw!
What's the word? (What's the word)
What's the biz? (What's the biz?)
Have you heard? (Have you heard?)
You His! (You His!)
Jesus died for my sins to be forgiven, ya!
But He didn't die for my sins to be continued! naw!

(Verse 2)
He depended on The Father,
Nope, nothin' else,
Nope, don't matter,
Have you ever met a guy so fly in the sky?
He also walked on water,
The pharisees hated Him,
But they couldn't fade Him,
In His sheets, when he sleep,
The wind & the sea even obeyed Him!
What a wonderful friend,
He would take our sin and give His own life,
How precious the blood the craziest thug could be atoned by,
He gave us a gift,
Now we must use our hands and lift up and grab it,
When they beat Him they gave us our freedom,
And now I'm feelin' like Barabas,
Now I gotta keep runnin', and gunnin', and lookin' in front,
'Till the trumpets blow,
And every knee will bow,
Every back will bend,
Every head will hit the floor,
Everybody will gaze at the beautiful days when they see the king of the earth,
Imma lift my hands and praise,
Astonished and amazed and say...


(Verse 3)
Before He comes back again,
Gotta let y'all know what's crackin, and,
Jesus died to bring you back to Him,
Set down that chrome you packin, and,
You - You ain't worthless,
You - You been purchased,
You - Made for a purpose,
You - Were meant for service,
Do it now, you ain't promise tomorrow,
The Savior is patiently waitin' to take all your sorrow,
And when your homies see that you ain't the same way,
Today you can look 'em in the face and then say...


Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: Free From Sin
(Verse 1)

Let me give you real talk,
Well I'mma tell ya the truth,
I shoulda been dead,
With a R.I.P. it read on the stone of my tomb,
I'm free from my doom,
Where the heat is hotter than June,
And all my debt begins to get swept,
Jesus was holding the broom,
Ya now when death is upon 'em,
And I'm approachin' the honor,
And the offense is stacked against me,
Ya they wantin' to bomb me,
I sit and breath in real calmly,
'Cuz they aint got nothin on me,
They think they got me,
They better not doubt me,
They don't know my attorney,
He paid my bail with a cross and nail,
Went and kicked in the gates of hell,
Every creature stopped and fell,
As he opened up my cell,
Now Daniel Fields is a new child,
They ruled the evidence futile,
Everything they had against me,
Ya the Judge just straight threw out,
Feeling relieved with a sigh,
Looked the prosecute in the eye,
Cracked a smile like, "Get me now!",
As I waved a goodbye,
I'm acquitted my charges,
I'm walking out a free man,
Romans 6:18 homie,
I'm free from my sin!


We free from sin
- We born again -

(Verse 2)

I'm free from the sin in me,
Where the snake and the enemy,
Try'n to get me,
Want to burn me like gasoline,
And all the pain in my debt,
With the blood its been swept,
By the stripes I've been made clean,
All the glory to the top,
To the one they hate but they just can't stop,
Breakin' them shackles and takin' the locks,
I inherited what he got,
Ya I'm free from the sin,
Won't turn back again,
Invited to his table,
He calls me his friend,
Free from the doom,
Fresh from the womb,
Guess you could say I've been born again,
Free from the poison of porcelain,
All of his body was torn for men,
Crucified when he died,
The messiah resides in the sky and now he rules again,
I'm safe from the flame,
Screaming his name (JESUS),
Purchased by the blood,
I can show you the change,
Remember the pain?,
Remember the stain?,
Washed by the blood,
It's oh so clean,
Now I'm in Christ I don't talk the same,
Now I'm in Christ I don't walk the same,
Homies be asking me how I changed,
I tell them in Christ I'm Born Again!,



You aint a slave,
You been changed,
You free from sin,
You born again,
You aint the same,


Copyright Never Fade Records 2011
Track Name: You Ain't Get It From Me
(Verse 1)
Once again I'm about to tear the block up,
Get it in and ship it out,
I serve The Rock up,
Uh, and I ain't talkin' 'bout 'caine,
When I get it in & I grind,
Ya I serve up the king,
You - You - You should be doin' the same,
When they ask you where you got it,
Don't mention my name,
The stuff I got right here will put the rest to shame,
And you ain't gotta pay me homie,
You can keep ya change,
You can't get it, & hit it, & stop,
Once you get it, & did it, you're locked,
A feelin' that nothin' could top,
I'm speakin' of Christ The Rock,
So tell me homie,
Do you like how that sounds?
How would you like to get high?
And never come down?

What up homie, ya i got what you need,
It ain't ex, It ain't coke, it ain't weed,
Matter fact, you can get it for free,
And when they ask you where you got it,
You ain't get it from me,
Sup homie, heard you lookin' for change,
I got somethin' to take care of the pain,
It's The Rock, I'm talkin' Christ The King,
So when you get it, and you got it,
Don't mention my name.

(Verse 2)
Oh ya back? I thought I told you before,
Once you hit it, you can't quit it,
You'll be feignin' for more,
It got David dancin',
Ya he movin' his hips,
"Sweeter than honey." He said, when he put to his lips,
It got Noah paranoid,
Now he buildin' a ship,
It gave Samson mighty strength,
He killed a lion with his fist,
Jonah refused to slang,
What a horrible diss,
Off the ship, now he gotta sleep with the fish,
Paul and Silas went to Phillipi lookin to sell,
But they caught 'em, & they got 'em,
And they threw 'em in jail,
Imma tell you the truth mayne,
There's only one rule mayne,
Next time you get high you gotta start slangin' it to mayne.


Sup homie ya I got what you need,
Matter fact you can get it for free,
Uh, Ya you like how that sound?
How would you like to get high,
And never come down?

(Verse 3)
Imma show you how to get it started,
We mix prayer and fasting with the living water,
No quarters, no ounces, and we don't break down no zips,
We cut it with the scriptures hopin' that they life will get flipped,
Our target for market is the broken hearted,
This right here will do the trick if their hearts been hardened,
So get goin' and hit blocks,
Forget about zip-locks,
We cant just sit by while the clocks goin' tick tock,
Use a sale pitch,
Like, "You can get it for free."
And, "When they ask you where you got it,
You ain't get it from me.",
It belongs to Christ who reigns,
So when you get it & you got it,
Don't mention my name.


Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: Made New
I ain't got fresh rims,
I ain't got a fresh coop,
Ya, I'm on the chase dogg,
But I ain't runnin' after loot,
Same hat, same fade,
Ya, I got the same shoes,
But ever since I came to Christ everything's been made new,
He said he look clean
And ya that might be,
But if he ain't got Christ he ain't clean like me,
Goin' hard on 'em y'all,
I suggest you do to,
And ever since I came to Christ everything been made new.

(Verse 1)
I put a censor on my sin sir,
With a heart of repentance that is so sincere,
I was down with the sickness,
I was so disturbed,
Whole life straight wasted,
Heart icy like "BRRR",
I ain't got a Yamaha,
I don't whip a caddy,
But I'm still so clean I be standin' like my Daddy,
Yup, they be at the bar,
Ya, they be bottle poppin',
They be sinnin' in the dark,
But my God, ya, He watchin',
So I'm watchin' what I'm watchin',
No MTV cribs,
Rebirth the baby boy,
This the way that I live,
I present myself holy,
Let no sin lay before me,
Second Corinthians Five Fifteen,
I'm no longer livin' for me.


(Verse 2)
I was feelin' so hopeless,
It was just my 'magination,
But the sun still shinin',
Got me fightin' the temptation,
Come humble to The Lord,
With my face to the floor,
With a Ludacris praise,
How low can I go?
Tell me how I get life,
When I shoulda got death?
Made man through clay,
Through his lungs He brought breath,
With this breath I confess,
Jesus Christ you are the best,
Come you who are weary,
In His arms He'll give ya rest,
I ain't worried 'bout dinero,
My life I count as zero,
I needed to be saved,
Invaded by a hero,
All the fame of the world,
It was tryin' to get me,
Said, "I'm not a superstar!",
Somethin' like Trip Lee.


(Verse 3)
Same hat, same kicks, the same ones from last year,
Throw back gear,
I don't need that Gucci and cashmere,
The cash here belongs to the one who can smash fear,
The Holy ghost is generous,
Ya, He friendly like Casper,
I been redeemed,
I am so clean from bottom to top,
'Cuz when you see D best believe me,
That you're in for a shock,
My life has grace in abundance,
That's what I lacked in my last one,
Before I met Christ it was like I never even had one,
A bad son,
Did some things that y'all can't imagine,
My mom scratchin' her head like, "Where'd he get that from?",
Termination for salvation,
Ya, it got me redeemed,
I'm fresh, so fresh I been made clean,


Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: Never Fade Me
When I preach the word,
They be lookin' at me like I'm crazy,
You can mock me if you want but you could never faze me,
Hate me, Hate me, But you couldn't never fade me,
I'mma keep it 100 'till I D-I-E,
Hate me, Hate me, But you couldn't never fade me,
Oh I know they hate me now,
They first hated J.C.,
Hate me, Hate me, But you couldn't never fade me,
I'mma preach the word of God until He comes and takes me.

(Verse 1)
I'm a brave,
I ain't even from the A,
It's time for me to shut it down,
And I'mma say it to their face,
Ya they talkin' real loud,
Tell me what them haters say,
'Cuz I been runnin' for awhile,
And I ain't stopped to take a break,
Keep it real when it come to sharing faith,
What about they beat and mocked Him,
And they spit all in His face,
Ya, I guess that's how they do it,
When them people know you're great,
Never sinned in His life,
But He still caught a case,
That's crazy,
People be dissin',
On my sound 'cuz it's Christian,
Not knowin' the words that I'm spittin',
Comes from He Who Is Risen,
While I be playin' my position,
I know they plot in the dark,
So they can get me,
They wanna rip me,
Wanna tear me apart,
Perhaps explode,
Unload until them clips is empty,
They don't like me but they really hate the one has sent me,
So do what you gonna do,
No, I ain't concerned with none of you,
I already read Matthew 10 and 22.


(Verse 2)
Their hearts are so calloused,
When they approach me with malice,
I spit the living word of God so it can further the palace,
They lookin' at me so foul,
Like I knocked over the towers,
I ain't no warhead homie,
Why you lookin' at me so sour?,
I try to kill 'em with kindness,
But their eyes are so blinded,
If salvation hit their face they wouldn't know where to find it,
Blessed are those who are hated and falsely accused,
For the faith,
When they run the race and then they stand in the truth,
They try to tempt us in public,
They try to get us surrounded,
Hopin' we'll fall short so they can make the public announcement,
But it's false and it's heresy and The Lord was preparing me,
You can put that make-up on,
I know the look of a pharisee,
I ain't mad,
I ain't late,
When I think of my fate,
Knowing that I'll be persecuted for Jesus' sake,
And when they got fifty choppers all cocked,
Ready to blaze me,
I'mma look 'em in the eyes and say, "you can't fade me".

Hate me, Hate me,
But you could never fade me,
Hater, Hater, You could never fade us
And we ain't gonna stop,
'Cuz we runnin' for the maker,
Savior, Savior,
Lord and the creator,
We runnin' for your glory,
They can love it or hate us.

Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: I Get It In
(Verse 1)
It's time to go,
And we ain't playin' no games,
We 'bout to have the revival 'till everybody is changed,
You see the block is starvin',
'Cuz they ain't really been eatin',
Call 'em Sealy Posturepedic 'cuz them Christians be sleepin',
But ain't no more lying dormant,
We straight pourin' The Lord into every single recording until we take over Portland,
Rapers and hookers who whorin',
Prisoners, Killers who mournin',
Who look in the mirror and hate what they see in the morning,
Tell that devil stop testin' me,
Go and walk in your destiny,
You to can be clean just like that leper with leprosy,
'Cuz through God you're a savage,
You straight ravage a habit,
Philippians 4:13 homie,
Just readin' a passage.

If you unashamed and you call Jesus your friend,
Ain't no time to waste,
'Cuz it's time to get it in,
I get it in, HEY (x4)

(Verse 2)
It's the mission of the one who was risen,
The great commission,
All my soldiers need to stand at attention,
(I get it in)
It's the mission of the one that was risen,
The great commission,
All His soldiers need to stand at attention,
(I get it in)
The enemy, gettin' me, sendin' me plenty heat,
Tellin' me death is the penalty,
Assassins mashin',
And comin' in fast and comin' to try to get rid of me,
But I dust 'em off,
Keep my cool,
Tell The Lord that they my footstool,
Glory hallelu' to the King Of The Jews who's comin back for His chosen few,
Now I'm scoping you and I'm focused to,
With the word of God I'm approaching you like I'm supposed to do,
Lord let my body be the vessel that your words are spoken through,
When I'm spoken to,
I proclaim your name,
Tell 'em all about Jesus Christ the king,
Without no shame,
Tell it to the brothers on the block they should not be servin' that cane.


(Verse 3)
Lord He is,
Can't lose a fight 'Cuz He's victorious,
Read Matthew, Luke, & John if you wanna know what His whole story is,
Let Him free your mind like Morpheus,
King of more than scorpions,
From start He separated light from dark,
That's what we call the morning kid,
No Dwayne Johnson,
We call Him "The Rock",
Walking tall He's calling the shots,
Biggest boss so far,
Rick Ross He's not,
Purchased on the cross from the blood,
We bought.

"Yaa homie, we give it up to the one who's worthy of all praise,
How could we not get it in for him?"

What you waitin' for?
Ain't no time to be wastin',
It's time to get in,
Make disciples of nations,

Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: It Won't Be Rushed - ft. Kristi Elizabeth
It Won't Be Rushed, no (x2)

(Hook 1) Kristi Elizabeth
Is it Love if you hate how it makes you feel?
Doubting all the time, "Is it real?"
Should You place your trust in what is dangerous?
True Love, It won't be rushed, no.

(Verse 1) James Julius
Aww, there she go again,
Goin' through yo' phone again,
Now ya right back out that door again,
Left out in the cold again,
It's all good,
You'll be back later,
Tell her ya love her,
Now ya hate her,
At night when you fight wake up the neighbor,
Disgusted now but then you'll crave her,
But then you'll make up,
And after that,
Ya'll break up,
Every time ya'll get together,
Man, It's just the same stuff,
When you lie to yourself,
Sayin' God designed it Himself,
But every time that you wit' her,
He sittin' high on the shelf,
This aint no blessin' me brotha,
Ya only stressin' each other,
The only time you are at peace is when your sexin' each other,
You must be outta ya mind,
You gotta be outta ya stars,
Tradin' each others hearts like they sets of baseball cards,
It'll only come back to sting ya,
Without a ring on ya finga',
And ya, It might feel good,
But the damage is worse than Katrina,
God aint appeased with the lust,
The way they squeeze and they touch,
And He has something greater waitin' homie,
Please Don't Rush.

(Hook 2) Kristi Elizabeth
Is it Love if you hate how it makes you feel?
Doubting all the time, "Is it real?"
Should You place your trust in what is dangerous?
True Love, It won't be rushed,
God's Love is the only type that never fades, (Never Fades)
It's what we need,
Need to remain in relationship,
That won't ever slip,
One strong enough to cast out fear.

(Verse 2) James Julius
Lil' mama ya young,
He tells you that you the one,
And ya'll talk on the phone from dusk until the rise of the sun,
Kissin' through the phone like Soulja Boy,
But you barely know the boy,
You never felt like this before,
You'll never love another boy,
Ya mama don't like him,
Your girls tell you to leave him,
Your brother says that he's a dog,
But still, you won't believe 'em,
And every time ya'll together,
His hands be touchin' whatever,
You tell him, "No",
But he insists on applying the pressure,
This is as bad as it gets,
Ya'll havin' unsafe sex,
And what really makes it bad,
It's out of God's context,
You gave your heart and allegiance,
To someone who will mistreat it,
Paid the attention to a boy you shoulda been payin' to JESUS,
Now ya' belly is big,
He hollerin' that it aint his,
Ya'll said, "together forever",
Who thought it would be so quick,
I know you say your in love,
You say he's one you can trust,
But Love will not blitz baby, naww,
Love will not rush.

(Hook 2)

(Bridge) Kristi Elizabeth
It brings you hope,
And brings you joy,
Feeling peace,
Fulfilling rest again,
Breaks down all the walls inside,
Sets you free,
Brings your heart alive.

(Verse 3) James Julius
Love is so faithful,
And shorty, Love is so kind,
Love aint about gettin' naked,
At the drop of a dime,
Love is not selfish,
Matter fact, Love is so selfless,
Love will reach out it's hand,
And give help to the helpless,
Love aint 'bout braggin' and boastin',
It listens with both ears open,
It doesn't say that it loves you 'cuz its just goin' through the motions,
Love has never been greedy,
Love is not proud,
Love don't get jealous when you and friends decide to hang out,
Love has never been fake,
Love has never been fraud,
And shawty, Love has redeemed us,
Love is our God,
Love won't corrupt,
And trust me Love is a must,
Love is patiently waitin',
Naww, Love will not rush.

(Hook 1)

(Outro) It Won't Be Rushed, no (x2)

Copyright Never Fade Records 2012
Track Name: Dancing In The Rain - ft. E-Sential, Raely Elle, & The Unknowns
(Verse 1 - James Julius)
Early in the mornin',
Breath stinkin' while I'm yawnin',
Mayne I look up out my window,
Seein' that the rain is pourin',
They told me, "Take the day off.",
But that will never pay off,
Lord help me keep my cool in the midst of all this chaos,
Yup, death is all around me,
Them haters try to clown me,
Even folks I love the most kick me while I'm down,
He said He'll never leave us and He said He won't forsake us,
They told us to deny the name but homie they can't make us,
Imma back my cross I take up,
In a world that is so frozen,
The storm produces fruit,
This is how I know I'm chosen,
I'm off and I'm soarin' even when I'm at my lowest,
Christ is my insurance,
Trials strengthen my endurance,
I just thought that ya'll should know this dogg,
Peep at what I'm sayin',
You ain't gotta take my word,
You can read it all in James,
He made it simple, made it plain,
When you're going through some things,
Ya, we pray for sunny days,
Until we dancin' in the rain,

(Bridge - James Julius)
Ya, they say that we crazy,
Ya man, they think that we insane,
'Cuz we count it as a joy,
As we're walkin' through the pain,
When the storm sticks around,
And it doesn't seem to change,
No we don't lay down, Naw,
'Cuz we're dancing in the rain.

(Chorus - TRUe)
Count it all joy,
Fight through the pain,
Let your faith produce patience,
You'll be dancing in the rain,
Follow the Lord,
He'll be your strength,
Maintain your focus,
And keep dancing in the rain,
Keep dancing in the rain.
(Chorus - Raely Elle)
Dancing in the rain (x4)

(Verse 2 - E-Sential)
In the midst of my trial it seems,
Like I'm on my own and I'm solo,
Thinkin' to myself like, "Where is my team?",
But The Lord knows that I gotta grow so,
I be up in the word like a feign,
And I'm readin' James,
Keep it deep inside of my heart,
When this world it gets mean,
Thank God that I've been set free,
I'm filled with joy,
But I can't lie, sometimes I'm annoyed,
When the enemy tries to destroy,
In the dark of the night,
But I got my sword,
Reppin' for Jesus Christ,
He the message boy,
When I be stuck I'm pressin' forward,
Never givin' up bro,
Kinda like Troy,
In the midst of trial endure by choice,
Hear His voice,
'Cuz it helps and gives you strength,
Persevere through,
Go dance in the rain,
And be filled with joy,
In the midst of your pain and give Him thanks,
That's the change,
That He brings when your rise up in faith instead of sink,
Trust in The King 'cuz He got you man,
Lift your hands up and just steady sing.

(Chorus - TRUe & Raely Elle)

(Verse 3 - Great Dem)
It's raining, It's pourin',
The old man is snorin',
But naw, we out dancin',
Bein' down and so foreign,
So we hope you're in the mood to start praisin',
My problems got me joyful,
So my hands I stay raisin' them,
Count it all joy when you fall through the trials,
Now we back flippin' wallets,
Sprinklin' like Gile,
Street fighters for the kingdom,
No lunch breaks,
Umbrellas for my brothers who ain't covered by pure faith,
It's a win or lose,
Livin' for Christ man,
You gotta chose,
Nothin' comes easy so watch what you do,
When you fall off and you see life gives you blues,
I'mma tell you the news,
Christ is alive so it's time to cruise,
We used to live hood,
Now it's good once we found out the heaven move,
And the serpents bruise,
We wearin' rain boots,
We're prepared to win,
Now catch us moon walkin' when it's floodin' in,
This is where the pain ceases,
And the love begins,
So Holy Spirit breathe,
Wash away our sins.

(Chorus - TRUe & Raely Elle)

Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: Break 'Em Off
Ya, It's the word of God,
It's the bread of life,
We got it and they need it,
Let's break 'em off.

(Verse 1)
I stand firm with my faith,
Never shake nor shiver,
I'm about to break 'em off,
The bread of life is what I give 'em,
Callin' Papa for the orders,
Man, I betcha he'll deliver,
Old James has been dead,
They say they found 'em by the river,
See the hood has been starvin',
They want that soul food,
And I ain't 'bout to be stingy,
Let's feed the multitude,
Headed up to I-5 with J. Cromes in the Suburban,
Now we swervin',
Lookin' to serve 'em,
Living water's what we servin',
In a setting that is urban and them gangstas lounge here,
And if you ain't from 'round here,
They say, "Don't come around here.",
They tote them guns around here,
Dope fiends they run around here,
That's why we missional,
Ya, we preach The Son around here,
Rollin' 'round M.L.K.,
Ya them choppers might blow,
And if you slip on the wrong tip,
Might get your casket closed,
You betta' lock yo' doors when them thangs take off,
Hey Cromie stop the car dogg,
Cuz I gotta break 'em off, ayy.

The hood has been starvin',
They been hungry for awhile,
Ya we got the bread of life,
And I know the time is now,
I break 'em off,
I break 'em off,
Ya it's time to break 'em off,
You break 'em off,
You break 'em off,
Ya it's time to break 'em off,

(Verse 2)
Ain't no time for the playin',
Ain't no time for the games,
There's people hurtin', lookin', and searchin',
Theres souls to be saved,
I know there's killas on Killingsworth who be movin' a killa work,
Who don't know about The Son,
They don't know what the killings worth,
So we breakin' bread with all them,
Show 'em how to follow Him,
Tyra Banks fool,
Best believe we gon' model Him,
Follow Him, 'till the day I die,
When the put me in the earth,
When I hit the hearse and it lifts the dirt,
When He back to attack and to get the church,
All of me now,
Speakin' and seekin' of Jesus,
And wanna follow Him now,
Call on Him now,
Shackles be broken to pieces whenever my father's around,
They think they know but they don't know,
Been a rebel, send me Lord I'll go,
Everybody walkin' 'round with a blindfold,
Eyes closed,
That's why I break 'em off though.


I break 'em off
I break 'em off, I break 'em off,
Ya It's time to break 'em off,
You break 'em off, You break 'em off,
Ya It's time to break 'em off,

Never Fade Records Copyright 2012