Strength (Mixtape)

by Raely Elle

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Never Fade Records Presents
Raely Elle's "Strength" Mixtape


released August 14, 2012



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Never Fade Records Portland, Oregon

Never Fade Records is a christian record label based out of Portland, OR. Current Artists: Raely Elle, M.I.C., & Mihre2.

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Track Name: Hold On Tight ft. Eman Musik
(Intro) - Eman Musik
Through the pain through the hurt,
Through the rain through the dirt,
I just gotta keep on pushin',
'Cuz I gotta make it work,
I know it seems illogical,
But through him,
Everything is possible, Ya.

(Chorus) - Raely Elle
Through the pain, and the hurt, and the sorrow,
I know that I'mma see the sunshine,
After the rain and the stormy weather,
I know that I'mma see the sunrise,
Hold on tight,
Take my life.

(Verse 1) - Raely Elle
You gave me back my joy,
When times were full of strife,
(Open my eyes)
You are my gracious God,
I'll serve you all my life,
(All of my life)
I'm Back, I'm back,
(I'm Back ya)
He's made me whole,
Salvation, my gift unwrapped my soul,
Trippin on my path you have given me,
Open my eyes so I can see the.

(Chorus) - Raely Elle

(Verse 2) - Raely Elle
When you feel helpless in those times you wanna let go,
Just hold on tight, open your heart, and let the word echo,
You touch me while I'm sleeping,
I feel your grace, I'm weepin',
Tears of joy, no more sorrow around me,
I feel ya' love,
It's astounding.

(Chorus) - Raely Elle

(Outro) - Eman Musik

Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: Save Me ft. Carita
(Intro) - Raely Elle
This song is dedicated to all my people that feel down at some point in their life,
And some of those,
That maybe haven't gotten up yet,
He's got a plan my brothers and sisters,
He's here to save you.

(Verse 1) - Raely Elle
Jumped outta bed,
Got my coffee all brewed,
Got my head all dead,
Seems like this morning got a hold on me,
Turned up that song,
Heard him preachin' 'bout you,
Heard him filled with love,
Oh my God,
Got my spirit made true,
Tell me what I do?

(Chorus) - Raely Elle
Every time you save me,
Every time you save me,
What I do? Ya
What I do?

(Verse 2) - Carita
Jesus you got my heart in the keys,
But you already know,
You were my daddy when I did not want right in my home,
Prayin' is like sippin' mountain dew,
You make my mountains move mayne,
Ya you do the dew,
You gave me so much in my life that you give me chills,
You know what and when to say 'cuz you know just how I feel,
You council me,
And you love me,
The devil can't break my peace,
Open me up let me get my fire,
'Cuz for God my heart burn with desire,
Open me up and get my love and send it above,
He saved me so I'm not alone,
Payed for my sins with no bills,
He the real man and still, (I know)
When he saved me from the car wreck in 08', (I froze)
'Cuz I knew that I was the one that, (He chose)
He's like an atari,
I need Him to help me through this game of life,
And my prayers don't need a deposit.

(Chorus) - Raely Elle

(Verse 3) - Raely Elle
You got that kinda love,
That Daddy Love,
And you,
Come and rescue me when my eyes don't see,
And I wanna be there holdin' it down,
Got your word on my heart now,
Come and fill my cup.
(Fill it with love)

Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: Ain't No Fool
This is for my ladies,
All my special ladies,
It's a shout out to my sistas,
Make sure you ride with the right mistas,

Baby please don't cry,
Ya got to keep ya head up,
Even when the road is hard,
Never give up,
Baby don't cry,
Ya got to keep ya head up,
Even when the road is hard,
Never give up.

(Verse 1)
Put the phone down you know that he's getting wild,
The guilty walk a crooked path and he's going down,
Don't you want that proverbs 3:16?
That man ain't good enough,
He's always getting rough,
He's creepin with some other chicks,
He is outta Love,
Hold your head up baby.


(Verse 2)
Don't let him get to you,
You can dodge this bullet,
The answers right around the corner lady,
You can do it,
Haughty eyes, a proud heart, and evil actions
Are all sin to our God,
he's a distraction.
Ya ya ya...


(Verse 3)
Stop your trippin up lady,
He be bugging and it ain't so cool,
His kind of lovin' is shady,
You really want him but you ain't no fool,
Ain't no, ain't nobody's fool,
You'll always be God's baby.


You'll see one day,
He'll miss you,
You need a man like Jesus.

Copyright Never Fade Records 2012
Track Name: Freak Show
(Elle on the track)

(Intro) - Ruby Red
And thus, the Freak Show has begun.
Get down.

(Verse 1) - Raely Elle
Shakin' the floor boards breakin' all the walls,
He's coming in like fire,
Struttin' out feelin' so fly for my Jesus,
The cross on my neck won't retire.

(Chorus) - Raely Elle
This beat got me trippin,
I feel my feet flipping,
The beat drops,
The base bumps,
What is it doing to me?
I feel so real I'm jumping right outta my sins.

(Let the Freak Show begin)

(Verse 2) - Raely Elle
Comin' down like the thunder from a rain storm,
The rhythm and the beat come slowly,
My head starts to spin,
I'm back in it again,
This beat got me trippin'.


Never Fade Records Copyright 2012
Track Name: When The World Stops
Do we press pause?
Do we press stop, or does it even end our way?
When the world turns, when the clouds spin is that gonna be our last sin?
Deliver me, take me, outta this cold dark place,
Save me, maybe the world can run free again,

We can run free, we can fly, raise my blind fold and touch the sky.

(Verse 1)
When the world stops turning, take the last stand closed curtains,
(Baby we don't stop)
When the world stops spinning nobody's loosing or winning,
(Baby we don't stop)
When the fire stops burning I can breath again,
Black sky, black clouds, black everything,
Kept me blind, lift me up, I can see again,
Because you found me my friend.



And the world keeps changing, my life rearranging,
(Baby we don't stop)
Would ya please come save me,
I don't really know myself lately,
(Baby we don't' stop)
We turning tables when they say we wasn't able,
We keep it moving we don't care about the labels,
Standing on all white clouds so grateful,
Because you found me my friend.


Never Fade Records Copyright 2012