Thru Thick N' Thin

by E-Sential

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released June 30, 2014

Thru Thick N' Thin
Never Fade Records
Portland, Oregon
Executive Producer: M.I.C. (@iamMadeInChrist)
Co-Production: #4 Bobby Bones, #9 eligh_D, #14 DJ MikeyB



all rights reserved


Never Fade Records Portland, Oregon

Never Fade Records is a christian record label based out of Portland, OR. Current Artists: Raely Elle, M.I.C., & Mihre2.

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Track Name: Like That, Like This ft. Speedy Gunz
(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
Hey, I remember snortin' coke,
With my homies 'till my bleed,
Pupils minimized,
With my face lookin' ghostly,
Mostly, I was never home,
I chose to roast weed,
Pop E and drank brew,
It's like the devil cloaked me,
Loc'ed me,
Had me feelin' like I was so G,
But that was the past,
And you could say that was the old me,
I remember tip toein' outta my house,
So I could go and see,
Homies in the neighborhood,
And doin' just what I shouldn't be,
My spiritual maturity was slackin' like a real fool,
Doin' what I had to do to fit in just to be cool,
And now I'm realizing that was just the status quo,
Livin' for the world will get you trapped like you fell in a hole,
Ya, and now I'm chuckin' up the peace sign,
To the way that I lived as a kid,
Now I live it right,
I put my childish things behind,
And now I live for Christ,
1st Corinthians 13:11,
Now I'm in the light.

(Chorus - E-Sential)
Ya, I was living like that,
Now I'm livin' like this,
Now I'm livin' for Him,
Ya aa ya,
Because He died for my sin,
And He rose again,
Now I call Him my friend,
Ya aa ya,
And now it's Jesus The Christ,
Everyday, Every night,
Now I live in the light,
Ya aa ya,
Father, Spirit, and Son,
They reside into one,
I'm forgiven, It's done,
Ya aa ya.

(Verse 2 - Speedygunz)
It ain't always easy tryn' ta live a blameless life,
Temptation on me surely every time I'm doin' right,
This daily dying is a battle,
Never less a fight,
Tryna shake the patterns of the world,
And be that shinin' light,
Wasn't that long ago,
That drank I used to poor up,
That weed I used to role up,
Gang signs I used to throw up,
Until I found The Lord and spiritually I had to grow up,
It wasn't easy but I did it,
And bro you know what?
The life I'm livin' now is better than my old ways,
I thank The Lord for transformation from the old days,
And for the gift He gave to me so I could write this,
Follow your plan and be transformed into your likeness,
To glorify your name is what I have a passion for,
And to obey your word,
And everything you ask me for,
Spittin' with the homie E-Sential,
And yes it's so essential,
That we be like Christ in all ways,
That plain and simple.

(Chorus - E-Sential)

(Verse 3 - E-Sential)
Well like I said,
I was just caught up in that worldly stuff,
Doin' what it took to steady get me mines and make a buck,
Stealin' from my homies,
Stealin' from my work,
Stealin' from my Mom and Dad,
And I was even stealin' from my home church,
I was on the lurk,
Tryna do my own thang,
Jumpin' over fences every time that the cops came,
Don't get me wrong,
'Cuz I was blinded by my sinful ways,
Stuck up in a whirlwind,
Livin' in a cloud of grey,
I got an offer from a brutha to be slayin' E,
To make a bunch of money,
So that I could have a couple G's,
Up in my pocket so that I could stay up on my feet,
But I'm glad I never chose that deal,
Now I got J.C.,
And now I'm trustin' His sufficiency,
Seekin' out His will for me,
And knowin' that He will complete,
Everything that He started since I did receive,
Now I trust Philippians 1:6,
Go take a read.

(Chorus - E-Sential)

(Outro - E-Sential)
That stuff I was sayin' up in the bars, you know,
Was stuff I actually did, you know,
When I said I was stealin' from my church,
Stealin' from my work,
Stealin' from my Mom and Dad, man,
I was really doin' it,
That was the old me,
Like I said, I was blinded by sin,
Now I'm livin' like this,
'Cuz I was livin' like that,
But God switched it up,
And He saved me from that,
I just give all glory to God,
Here's a verse that goes with it,
1 Corinthians 13:11,
"When I was a child,
I talked like a child,
Thought like a child,
I reasoned like a child.
When I became a man,
I put childish ways behind me."

Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Freedom
(Verse 1)
I was brought up from the dust,
All covered in lust,
And covered by the blood,
Ruby red, like rust,
And The Lord said, "Son, I'm who you can trust,
It's your sin that I hate,
It's what I disgust",
So I gave Him my all,
Even though it wasn't much,
So He came and picked me up,
Now I'm claimin' Jesus,
Blind up in the past,
But now I see love,
Followin' my general,
He's the leader,
I'm turnin' away from Satan,
'Cuz he'll deceive ya,
With his tricks,
Always tryin' to afflict believers,
Check it in the bible,
That's where I read up,
And I'm pressin' towards the mark,
The heart of freedom,
Everything was good in the Garden Of Eden,
Now there's wars goin' on outside,
The bleedin',
Since the very start,
Sin's been the reason,
But Christ came that we may have life in His kingdom, Chyeah.

I was locked and chained,
Like I was restrained,
I was feelin' the pain,
No freedom,
Then The Christ He came,
And He washed me clean,
Now I claim The King,
I got freedom.

(Verse 2)
I was sick of being stuck in a cage,
Sayin' I was fine,
Tellin' everybody that I didn't really mind,
But really there was somethin' deep inside I couldn't hide,
Lust, greed, anger, plus my heart was filled with pride,
But then I heard about a savior,
Name is Jesus Christ,
They told me that He was the Son of God and Bread of Life,
I told them what the heck,
I guess I'll give The Lord a try,
I prayed a prayer in front of those people that very night,
And later in my life He started showin' me His glory,
Showin' me the bible was never a big story,
It was somethin' different,
Somethin' that was alive,
Somethin' good,
And somethin' true,
And somethin' that was right,
So I clung to Jesus,
And He broke away my chains,
And He filled me with His Spirit,
So I know that I'll remain,
I don't know what I would do without Him,
Man that'd be insane,
But I know that I've been freed,
So it be freedom that I claim.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Now It's On
(Verse 1)
Some people call me brain washed 'cuz I'm Christian,
And when I talk, It's like they don't even try to listen,
They call me "Goody Goody, Bible Thumpin', Jesus Freak",
But if only they knew what I been through,
They'd turn the other cheek,
I'm like the missin' link when I show up on the scene,
Just tryn ta make a difference where the grass is never green,
Just tryn ta preach the truth that saved my life,
And it made me whole,
But it's like I look into this world,
And there's nothin' but the cold,
It's like this world is full of stereotypes,
Quick to judge and debate,
But it's only leading to fights,
What happened to unity with you and me,
And spreadin' the light,
But it ain't gon' happen if we ain't lookin' up to Jesus The Christ, Yea,
And I ain't sayin' that I know completely everything,
Just sayin' that I know a little and it's about The King,
He hit me in the heart with The Holy Spirit like a train,
Until the day of my death,
When I rest I'm giving Him all the fame,
This mind of persecution it'll never last long,
The storm will come,
But it'll pass and it'll be gone,
I'm trustin' in The Lord and seekin' Him while I write this song,
I hear Him deep within my heart,
Brutha NOW IT'S ON.

Now it's on,
Everybody give it all you got,
And when the going's gettin' rough,
Brutha don't stop,
Persevere because the persecutions gonna come,
But never stress,
'Cuz we got The Father's only Son.

(Verse 2)
It's like I can't openly talk about Christ in my work,
Gotta sneak Him like He's drugs hiding in my shirt,
And in these public schools you can't pray now,
That's just Berzerk,
Up in these last days everything's just gettin' worse,
It's such a tragedy,
But even Christ said that's the way it'd be,
So I stay close in His word and see,
Things just happen like a prophecy,
It's crazy to me,
But I gotta speak,
Be unashamed everyday of the week,
Even when pain's at the top of it's peak,
And I look in this world,
And I can't compete,
But through Christ I can do all thangs,
Look at Philippians 4:13,
Dip in His word and soak up game,
Trust in The Lord,
He's got you mayne,
Trust in The Lord,
He's got you mayne,
Livin' to make that big change,
Livin' to make a big change,
Livin' to make a bigger change,
I'm comin' and makin' a difference,
No matter division that try to be creepin' on me,
You live and you learn,
Choices you burn,
But with The Lord you be livin' so free,
No reason to stress,
Only to bless,
Keepin' that love for the everyday quest,
Droppin' the rest,
That's makin' a mess,
And trustin' God through every test.


(Verse 3)
Yo look at Paul for instance,
He was caught and put in jail,
For preachin' about the gospel,
Man they put him up in a cell,
But the devil failed,
'Cuz Paul just kept on goin' and preachin',
To the Roman guards,
Ya, he was teachin', and reachin', now they believin',
And look at Peter,
He was crucified upside down,
He died up for the faith,
So he's up in heaven now,
And there truly ain't no doubt,
That's what they were all about,
Just preachin' the gospel,
Makin' disciples,
And always standin' out,
So kinda like us,
We gotta be unashamed, ya 1 1 6,
Romans, check it out,
Take a step of faith,
And take a risk,
And you don't gotta worry,
'Cuz when your tested your endurance grows,
It's another scripture,
You can look up James 1:2-4,
And man I can't even stress enough on the subject,
Persecutions up in public,
While the people be thinkin' about they budget,
This life is rugged at times,
Just look at the signs,
Look onto Christ,
He's divine,
He'll be the one that'll keep you fine.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Deep In Surrender
(Verse 1)
I was born on the West when I came here,
Through the womb of my Mom as I got cleared,
And I was taught by my Dad,
Never show fear,
'Cuz the world never loves,
And it don't care,
Unaware of the trials that I soon faced,
As a youngster,
Growin' in a man's place,
I was changed since the day that I felt grace,
At the church down the street I received faith,
It was then when I met a savior,
Said He'd help me through the storms like a favor,
From the strangers down with the danger,
Messin' with the chamber,
Straight rearrange ya,
Did I mention He was born in a manger?,
Jesus Christ is the name that I raise up,
It's the fact that He'll save ya life,
He saved mine,
So I spit the rhythm hot with the flavor,
And it's kinds like a don't wanna follow,
With the ways of the world,
'Cuz they hallow,
And if you see what I mean,
Then you'll understand why I'm never gonna be a desperado,
And it's like that,
Gotta bring it right back,
All glory to The Christ when I write rap,
No matter what happens I'mma rep that,
With my life and everything that I step at,
Everybody's got to listen up,
Because He is what's up,
Don't glorify me,
I just the messenga',
That came to ya,
Through the speakers that you're bumpin' up in ya truck,
It ain't about the buck,
It never ever was,
It's about Jesus' amazing love,
It's about Jesus' amazing love,
It's about Jesus' amazing love.

Deep, deep, deep, deep in surrender,
God's in control remember,
Everybody with faith just stand up,
'Cuz the blood of The Lamb has cleansed us,
And it's like that change that must,
Otherwise we'll just combust,
Ya'll hear what I mean because,
We be goin' at this world full thrust.

(Verse 2)
I remember when I used to smoke,
That weed all day no joke,
It usually left me broke,
But I didn't really care 'cuz I wanted mo',
And if you think that's cool,
Well it wasn't man,
I was a fool,
I barely made it through school,
Plus I thought that everything was cruel,
But that just wasn't from the weed,
It was from the coke and the ecstasy,
That stuff really messed with me,
So soberness is a blessing G,
And I've learned to make a change,
For the right things and for my brain,
And yes The Lord remains in my heart,
That's what I claim,
Oh God there's so much pain,
In these streets that I can see with my eyes,
It's like the devil be fillin' they minds with lies,
Oh why?,
And I can't understand,
And I can't comprehend,
But I still gotta keep the faith,
In the Jesus Christ,
And the one who opened the gate and kept me safe,
Ya'll know what I'm sayin'?,
I'mma keep on prayin',
Keep on prayin',
'Til my days end here,
And I end up there,
And it turns out way amazing,
Everybody just keep on pushin',
Never give up on this mission,
Of The Great Commission,
For the souls we fishin',
Christ is the reason.

As for God, His way is perfect,
The word of The Lord is tried,
He is a shield to me because I trust,
And take refuge in Him,
For who is God but The Lord?
And who is a rock except our God?
God is my strong fortress,
He guides the blameless in His way,
And sets me free.
2 Samuel 22:31-33

Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Tribulations
(Verse 1)
Yo, as i woke up and I started to put my clothes on,
I got a call from my friend,
I'm like, "What's goin on?",
He said he's goin' through some struggles,
And he needs a hand,
I said, "Okay, well I'll be there, just wait a second man.",
As I arrived to the place he wanted me to meet him,
I kept my bible in my hand so that The Lord could feed him,
I saw the pain and misery just by the way he spoke,
Said he fell back into doin' drugs and now he's feelin' broke,
I'm like, "Okay, well now you've only got two choices dawg,
Take the righteous path or be the one up in the fog.",
He started cryin' 'cuz all the pain that he was goin' through,
I'm like, "The storm will pass,
Don't worry brutha, let me pray for you,
Father in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
I pray that you would help my friend to overcome this thing,
That he be strugglin' through,
We're comin' to you and askin' for a change,
Would you be the one to help him,
So he'd never be the same, yea."

A lot of people,
Even myself,
Are facin' struggles,
But it's up to us to repent from the troubles,
I know this life is hard,
And sometimes we get scarred,
But from our tribulations,
Faith be growin' the muscles.

(Verse 2)
A couple of friends that were close,
Died and passed away,
Because the choices they were makin' every given day,
One of them drove into the oncoming traffic,
It was tragic,
He was drinkin' and eventually he fell astray,
The other two overdosed by using drugs bro,
It hit me hard in the heart,
Those bros I love yo,
But more than less I pray that they knew Jesus,
Because without Him then we're breakin' up into pieces,
You feel me when I say we need to make a difference here,
Because without Him then we're not livin' up in the clear,
It's such a scandalous world with people full of fear,
Livin' up for themselves,
Makin' it hell,
So we persevere,
Through all the hard times and roughness reachin' out,
And did I mention our repentin',
Takin' the narrow route,
A truly tough job to follow,
That's no doubt,
But what you gonna do,
When you get left and Jesus rolls out?

Yo ever since the day that I got saved,
Everything about me definitely ya, has changed,
With my perspective on this life,
And what I claim,
Jesus Christ for life,
I hope you know I rep' His name,
And it's a shame,
That people be judgin' me because I walk this path,
It's like they quick to hate, and slow to love, and filled with wrath,
I feel it when they snap,
But Jesus said they hated on Him first,
So they gon' be hatin' on me bad,
And if you wanna check it,
Speck it up in John 15,
These are the words spoken by Christ,
And they're so pristine,
He'll fill the void,
And mend your broken seams,
So if you give your sin to Jesus,
Then He'll wash you clean,
I see a lot of pain up in this world that could just wash away,
But it's up to you,
And it's up to me to cooperate,
With the world or with The Lord,
That's your choice to make,
Never hesitate, but take your time in where you put your faith.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Watch The Flame Rise
(Verse 1)
Never in my whole lifetime I've come to a consequence like this,
Before I got saved,
Coulda been dead,
My life was a walking risk,
But look at this,
I'm livin' up in His righteousness,
Filled with the bliss,
Never gon' miss,
And I take the time to be truly His,
It's such a beautiful blessing that I be stretchin' out my hands,
To the one that's helpin' me to understand,
When I can't,
As a man up in this land,
Showin' me His perfect plan,
Givin' me another chance,
Now I'm feelin' like a champ,
Yes, Yes, Every day,
Jesus Christ is the only way,
Helpin' those people that fall astray,
If they go and pray,
Pray as if there was no tomorrow,
And give Him all of your sorrow,
And then He'll ask you to follow,
Ya, and then He'll give you His mercy,
And show you that you're unworthy,
But this is because He's holy,
Now, it's all about this relationship,
Everything that you're doin',
Can be reflecting on His glory!

Ya, All glory to the most high,
Lift ya hands up to the one that never dies,
Yup, give Him praise from the inside,
Of your heart,
Let it spark,
And just watch the flame rise!

(Verse 2)
No matter what happens,
I'mmuna keep on pressin',
No more stressin',
Even when these times get tough,
And my life gets rough,
It's still a blessin',
And I got this message,
That I share to the whole world through my faith,
He keep me safe,
And never let me down in any way,
His name is Christ,
And He's giving the blessing to live,
Showin' us how to forgive,
Mercy and love on His kids,
But can you digg that?,
Or are you just like, "Get Back",
Sippin' on your six pack,
Chillin' in your Cadillac,
You feel me,
I'mma preach the gospel bro,
I don't have that much time on earth,
But I hope it saves your soul,
I'm just a messenger tellin' you which way to go,
This is the way that never fades,
And it's amazing yo.


(Verse 3)
I'm watchin' the flame just rise,
Inside of my heart,
And I'm keepin' the faith alive,
Protected from the dark,
Knowin' it's hard,
To be keepin' the faith in a world that's so messed up,
People lookin' around just muggin,
Thinkin' you lesser,
But I know that it ain't the truth,
'Cuz I know I got the proof,
Jesus Christ for life,
He's up and in this booth too,
And I know that He's got my back,
So I gotta keep my slack,
Tight to the max and keep on pushin',
Everybody I just hope you listen,
'Cuz this is serious,
Sin has made you delirious,
God in heaven is furious,
At the way you be livin',
It's pretty hectic that The Lord in heaven,
Could be comin' back any second,
To check in what you've been messin' and wreckin',
I be stressin' though,
Hopin', ya, that you'll change up,
And that you'll live in the light,
Instead of the same stuff,
Turn away from yourself and just put the truth on,
Live your life full of love,
And just sing to the song.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: He's Always There
(Verse 1)
This is that West Coast music,
I'm about to grab the microphone and just lose it,
Never to abuse it,
'Cuz I spit that rhythm and do it all for Christ,
It's like that hype,
To be star stuck on eternal life,
That every day fight against the devil,
Who be plottin, and killin', and raping the women,
And doin' the only thing he knows is being a villain,
No I ain't jokin',
He came to the world to be provokin',
Murdah murdah, kill kill,
Think about it man,
Ya, that's his slogan,
He's like the atrocious, ferocious, obnoxious locus,
And his focus is to make you feel hopeless,
Now take some notice man,
But then there's Jesus who came in to make a difference,
And His mission was accomplished by dying and resurrecting fam',
Ain't that such a perfect plan,
Understand, try to comprehend,
'Cuz this land's bound to be damned,
Revelation's gonna happen and,
I just gotta let you know,
Because I love you so,
And I don't wanna see you go,
To the flames and the pain way down below.

Jesus you are the one,
The Father, Spirit, The Son,
My sin's are forgiven,
It's done,
And now I'm like Uhh,
There's nothing that could compare,
With being fully aware,
This unconditional care,
From God,
He's always there.

(Verse 2)
Every single day of my life,
I know that God is by my side,
So it doesn't really matter what trial I'm facing,
'Cuz He gets me by,
And I thank The Lord,
'Cuz He sent The Holy Spirit to me,
Plus the ones that trust,
And just have faith and believe,
Ya'll know what I mean,
Because I'm livin' it out,
Takin' the route,
With The Christ right by my side,
I hold no doubt,
I'll stand and shout,
For the one that saved me,
From slavery,
It's crazy,
And I know the devil still hates me,
But I gotta stand up on faith G,
It's like I'm changin',
Straight rearrangin,
Everything within my life,
So that I can just praise Him,
Ya it's amazin',
Never catch me blazin',
Got The Holy Spirit in my heart because I'm prayin',
Ya straight layin' it down,
Comin' up in your town,
Spreadin' The Gospel all around,
With the West Coast bumpin' thumpin sound,
Uhh, Ya you know who I'm reppin',
It's Jesus,
The one who's destined to bless us,
If we confess and just trust in His message.


(Verse 3)
This unconditional care is somethin' that I can trust,
And I hope that you can too,
Because it'll never destruct,
It'll never rust,
It'll never combust,
Never become corrupt,
Never be temporary and unjust,
Like a rush of wind,
Comin' up quick,
Watch out for the sin,
Watch out for the people that be makin' amends for the wrong reasons,
And the people that hang with ungodly friends,
You know how it goes man,
People just love that dough man,
They can't get enough,
They love that stuff,
They're stuck in a rut,
Like quicksand, hey,
It's like a maze,
When you're stuck in your ways,
You can't be justified today unless you pray and get saved, Gyeah,
And there's a savior,
The one and only creator,
Jesus Christ, I raise His name up,
Because He deserves my praises.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Let 'Em Know ft. James Julius
(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
Bounce and bobbin' to the West Coast Music,
Reppin' Christ to the fullest while we do this,
Two-steppin' for The Lord,
He's the coolest,
Get ya dance on,
Everybody get to movin',
Groovin' to the beat,
Now I'm feelin' good,
Filled up with The Holy Spirit,
Preachin' in ya hood,
Spit it to the slow,
So it's all understood,
2nd Samuel 6:12,
David did it like he should,
You feel me when I'm spittin' truth on the beat right?
I live in Portland,
But reside up from Seaside,
It ain't about me though,
You better best realize,
I'm paintin' on a picture,
Pointin' straight to the most high,
And that's some real talk,
Ya, I used to Crip Walk,
Now I call it Christ Walk,
And I just can't stop,
Get crunk, get hyphy, do a pop-lock,
Jumpin' so high in the air you tear the roof off!

(Chorus - E-Sential)
Everybody get wild on the dance floor,
Praise God with ya gift,
Go and let 'em know,
This ain't some show,
It's the real deal,
Let 'em know how ya feel,
And Go, go, go,

(Verse 2 - James Julius)
Step up to the scene,
Fresh so clean,
Everybody on the floor,
Get crunk for The King,
Jump with the team,
No blunt full of green,
Praise like Psalm 33,
Yup, yadadimean?
See I'm covered in His blood,
Ya I'm dipped and drizzled,
Might think I'm crazy when I cut up a little,
Sin had me down,
It had your boy in a pickle,
But everything was made right from the man in the middle,
Yup, now we get live,
Psalm 95,
Everybody do it,
Get your hands up high,
Yah, they think we stupid doo-doo dumb,
But we'll see who's really dumb,
When my Savior's sure to come.


(Verse 3 - E-Sential)
I used to get hyphy,
I was feelin' myself,
Man, before I got saved,
I was killin' myself,
Christ changed everything,
And renewed my health,
It's a blessing to be livin',
Through The Lord I'm stealth,
I was up in the concerts,
Mind blow, Thizzed out,
Blind at the time,
Always down for the fast route,
Dancin' gettin' crazy,
My life was soo shady,
Didn't even know how The Lord could save me,
But now I'm changed,
Ain't the same,
And I claim that,
If you're offering me drugs,
Better get back,
I don't dance in the clubs with the six-pack,
Stuck in the riff-raff,
Livin' it for the cash stack,
Get stupid, get dumb, get hyphy,
No, get smart with your heart,
Live for Christ, G,
There's a better way,
But it's pretty pricey,
And He paid it with His life,
So we'd be free.


Copyright Never Fade Records 2014
Track Name: What If I? ft. Serenity
(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
What if I,
Started smokin' on that weed again?
What if I,
Started snortin' coke and poppin' E again,
What if I,
Never ever picked up on my pad,
Or even my pen?
What if I never met Christ and was freed from sin?
Would everything change drastically and be quick?
Or would it be a slow process and reckless?
I love the message,
But I got some questions,
About this life,
Because it's my faith that I'm addressin',
Like would I ever meet my friends that I'm kickin' it with?
Or would I be in a different click,
Smokin' up on the spliff?
It's such a trip,
God gave me the gift,
And now I use it,
But where in the world would I be if I was usin',
And so I'm choosin',
Christ, he paid my dues and,
Never to refuse him,
Lord you're my conclusion,
There's so much delusion,
And plus I'm only human,
But I'm still gonna look up to The Lord and what he's doin'.

(Chorus - Roderick Jackson)
I'm on my knees,
Praying, "God, deliver me,
Deliver me from all the pain, the strife, and misery,
Show me your will,
My sins, you died up on the hill,
Remember me as I turn from my iniquity,
I need you Lord,
This life has got me questioning,
My past has got me thinkin, 'Where would I be?',
So every time I try to walk the path that's doin' right,
It's like I look back to my past,
And I'm like, What if I?"

(Verse 2 - E-Sential)
What if I,
Never went to the youth group down the street,
Got prayer, got clean, got saved, got a dream?,
What if I never took care of my Grandma,
Would I be the same man,
Or would that be my downfall?,
I got questions like a see-saw,
So I give 'em to God,
Knowin' that he's all G, (come on)
Because up in the world,
Things change just like the wind,
People turn they backs up on they best friend,
Straight sin,
What if this life wasn't hard,
And it was layed back?,
No evictions, no restrictions, no addictions, no crack?,
But what would we learn,
If we neva made a mistake brutha?,
No free will,
Just a robot,
Straight sucka,
I mean God created us to make decisions people,
But why is it that we tend to turn to something evil?,
It doesn't make sense,
And it kinda gets up and on my nerves,
That's fer sure,
But I know that Jesus is the cure,


(Verse 3 - E-Sential)
And I be doin' what I can,
To be kickin' it with The Lord,
Because he be the man,
There ain't no doubt this life can have some hard struggles,
But it's up to you what to do up in these troubles,
Because The Lord is comin' back and he be comin' soon,
It could be April,
Could be tomorrow,
Or it could be June,
There ain't no tellin' when he's comin' back,
And that is real,
He's comin' a back like a thief,
But not to come and steal,
So how many questions do you got flowin' through your mind?,
And are you seekin' spiritual council?,
Proverbs 16:9,
I keep it real with my time,
No reason to waste mine,
I be up on the grind for Christ,
He's so divine.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: I Can Relate
(Verse 1)
When I was down in the dirt,
I felt so alone,
Hittin' rock bottom,
Feelin' depressed,
My soul groaned,
I was stuck up in a rut,
Most of my life,
Spent stoned,
Stealin' money from my parents,
Too scared to go home,
I was slippin' and trippin',
Now makin' money was my mission,
Lookin' up to them drug dealers,
Sick individual,
I was sleepin' with women,
And then I felt bad,
'Cuz that one night stand could make me a dad,
And I knew I never would have been able to take on that mess,
If I ended up gettin' one of them girls pregnant,
Lesson learned, just save it,
Wait and be patient,
Sex before your marriage ain't like takin' a vacation,
Most of my friends got into coke,
Some of my friends got into meth,
Some of them did overdose,
And some of did meet their death,
I just pray that in peace they rest,
Because I know that life gets stressed,
Every day is truly blessed,
Even when you're goin' through a test,
And that's the realness,
I feel it,
And I relate,
To them struggles and tribulations,
That people come to face,
Only grace and forgiveness can save you from all this hate,
And it's Jesus who be offerin' this love for you today.

If you're strugglin',
Hustlin' drugs for money brutha,
I can relate,
On your own feelin' helpless,
I can relate,
Even though I'm doin' better man,
I can relate,
I've been in that stormy weather,
But it's never too late.

(Verse 2)
Even in them times,
When I was blind,
I saw the light shine,
But I went to high,
'Cuz of the guilt I held inside,
And no lie brutha,
This is somethin' that I can't deny,
I was feelin' deprived,
Wanted to die,
Thought about suicide,
But The Holy Spirit kept on tuggin' on my heart,
Never depart,
Just like a Father callin' his son,
Because it's gettin' too dark up in the park,
Now it's time to come home,
John 3 to the 20,
I was in that zone,
Eventually, spiritually, physically, and mentally,
I needed Jesus to come rapture me,
Capture and set me free,
It's achieved by faith,
Less any man should boast,
Not by the works but in receiving in The Holy Ghost,
Make a toast,
Brother or sister because,
This is great news,
The Lamb of God and the True King came here to save you,
Not betray you, slay you like the devil,
He be fatal in his ways,
And he be livin' here to trick too,
Does that afflict you?,
Well it did for me,
But then I got with Christ,
And then we told him that we're through,
I'm covered up by the blood,
So there's nothing he can do,
Nothin' in the world,
That could take me from the Christ crew.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Seasons
"The Lord gives both death and life,
He brings some down to the grave,
But raises others up,
The Lord makes some poor,
And others rich,
He brings some down,
And lifts others up,
He lifts the poor from the dust,
And the needy from the garbage dump,
He sets them among princes,
Placing them in seats of honor,
For all the earth is The Lord's,
And He set's the world in order."
1 Samuel 2:7-8

(Verse 1)
So lately I've been steadily just goin' through some changes,
Had my truck flip over,
Now it's lookin tainted,
Now I gotta buy another and I'm makin' payments,
So that I can get to work with solid transportation,
Either way I'm thankful that I only got a scratch,
Man it coulda been a lot worse,
Like really bad,
On top of that,
I got bills to pay,
And this conflicts,
With my livin' situation,
So I add it to the list,
But look at this,
My Lord is faithful, true, and just,
To help a brutha like myself that's stuck up in a rut,
My head is up,
'Cuz I know this life will bring you seasons,
Like them valleys and them peaks,
Famine to the feastin',
I be readin' in the bible,
'Cuz I know it's Jesus,
That'll help you through your trials,
They happen for a reason,
So I keep the faith,
And always stay believin',
Followin' my God through thick n' thin,
Until my times done.

Ups and downs,
Trials and tribulations,
Everybody's goin' through them valleys and them peaks,
Seasons come and seasons go,
To let your faith increase,
Never give up,
Pressin' 'til the end,
And steady fight the beast.

(Verse 2)
And so I've learned,
At the age of 21,
Seasons go and seasons come,
You can live it lavish,
Makin' tons,
Great job, nice ride, and you're havin' fun,
But then a famine creeps up,
And you're eatin' crumbs,
Steady buildin' on your truck,
Make it look legit,
But then you get into a wreck,
Or like I did,
It flipped,
Or get a really good job that provides for bills,
But then you get the boot,
Now you're lookin' to seek God's will,
But look at Job,
He had everything and some,
But then he lost his job, his wife, his kids,
All in one,
It's pretty wild how The Lord,
He choose to do His thing,
But He got that righteous judgment,
Knowin' the outcome,
He The King,
You could have nothin',
Then The Lord, He favors you with much,
Man it goes both ways,
Doin' good or stuck,
Through it all I pray that you would keep the hope and faith,
And be prepared,
'Cuz you never know what's around the way.


You could be at the top,
Or you could be at the bottom man,
I mean, we all got valleys and peaks,
But we Philippians 4:13 on 'em,
You know what I'm sayin',
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me",
With little or plenty.
Haha, come on.

Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Dear Lord ft. Great Dame
(Verse 1 - E-Sential)
Dear Lord,
I'm beside myself,
Just thinkin' about eternity because it's swell,
It's got me in a daze,
'Cuz I can't fathom,
Wrapped in your love,
Forever I can't imagine,
1 Corinthians 2:9,
It's happenin',
Can't comprehend your plans 'cuz they're massive,
It's impressive,
'Cuz you give direction,
Toward yourself 'cuz you're all we need,
You're the message,
I'm a blessed kid,
Livin' for my Heavenly Father,
Through thick n' thin,
I'm still poppin' my collar,
I never live for the dollar,
Because I'm livin' for The Good News,
Jesus Christ for life,
His love is so true,
And I'mma go do,
What He wants me to,
Covered by the blood of love,
It's stickin' like glue,
I'm givin' God applause,
He died for me and you,
Rose from the grave,
Even though He didn't need to.

(Chorus - E-Sential)
Dear Lord,
Ya, you're so excellent,
It's evident that your love is magnificent,
I trust you even when I'm in predicaments,
God you're so great,
And I know that you're heaven sent.

(Verse 2 - Great Dame)
Lord we know that you're heaven sent,
Ever since the day you were born,
You've been speakin' in present tense,
Change your life,
Lose your sin,
And then repent,
With your angels on my side,
It's a win, win,
You forever by my side,
Closer than a friend,
When that pain was overriding,
You took me in,
Put my burdens on your shoulders,
Used to start again,
You placed peace,
Placed joy up in my heart again,
Now my life is truly lived for your glory,
No, It's not a fable,
It's a real true story,
Jeremiah 29:11,
There's a hope,
The Lord washed my sins,
Now I'm fresher than soap,
And if I'm gonna boast,
Let it be in The Lord,
I'm flyin' on the wings of an eagle when I soar,
Never Fade Records,
Now that's an open door,
I'm down on my knees,
And I'm sayin, "Dear Lord!"


(Verse 3 - E-Sential)
Dear Lord,
I'm a very blessed man,
Knowin' that you're by my side,
Even when I feel I can't,
Take another step toward your love that overcomes,
Everything in the world,
Even when it weighs a ton,
The battle has been won,
I stay focused on The Son,
Filled up with The Holy Spirit,
Hebrews 12,
I like to run,
Choppin' the word up,
Chillin' with the fellowship,
Helpin' each other whenever,
Because we tend to slip,
Heaven's in view,
I ain't never gon' die,
I be livin' for my Lord,
'Cuz He raised on high,
And now just like T.I. said,
I'll meet you in the sky,
Trust my all on that promise,
Jesus never told lies,
Steady rise to a place,
With no more hate and no more pain,
Choppin' it up with God,
To live is Christ,
To die is gain,
I'm livin' for my King,
Holy, Holy, I will sing,
Bowin' face to the floor,
Lifted hands givin' fame.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Grace
Dear Lord,
It's all for you God.

(Verse 1)
Hey I was caught up at the end of my rope,
Didn't have a dollar in my pocket,
I was broke,
No shampoo, toothpaste, or even soap,
Scrapin' off of ends from my friends,
Couldn't cope,
Stressin' 'bout my rent,
'Cuz my bank account was negative,
When you're goin' through it man,
It's hard to stay positive,
But I kept on pressin' in,
Knowin' God would make a way,
Through that stormy weather,
After it there's a brighter day,
Homie hold on tight to the light,
And stay prayed up,
Givin' back to Christ for this life that He gave us,
Had a couple nickels and some pennies,
So I tithed it,
By the Grace of God,
Ya, He multiplied it,
So I got a job now,
Steady able to provide,
Maybe one day,
Yes I pray,
That I'll have a wife,
Ya, but 'til then,
I'll keep pressin' in to seek His face,
Wrapped up in His love,
It's a gift,
And we call it grace.

It's a gift called grace,
It's a gift called love,
It's a gift called Christ,
He's a gift from above,
It's the beautifulest thing,
Better than the best of drugs,
And if you walk down this lane,
You'll see grace, that it is enough.

(Verse 2)
I once was loc'in,
Straight up just provokin',
Now I'm Spirit soakin',
And It's Christ in my life I'm quotin',
And now I'm broken,
With my doors wide open,
Ready for the healin' of The Lord,
'Cuz it's dope man,
I once was chokin',
'Cuzza the sin wrapper 'round my neck,
Kinda like a rope that coulda be death,
Now I'm livin' up on this quest,
I'm so blessed 'cuz I was dead,
In my trespasses,
I read,
Open Ephesians 2,
That's what it do,
But He gave me grace instead, you know,
So now I ride,
Ya, completely sanctified,
Filled up with The Holy Spirit,
There's unlimited supply,
That's no lie,
I be preachin' how it is,
And that's the truth bro,
Glorifying Jesus Christ when I bust flow,
And I ain't earned a thing,
Man it's all a gift,
Saved by grace through the faith,
Now I thank Him for this bliss,
Every day this is praise to The Lord that I give,
For His love and His blood,
By His grace that I live.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Warrior
Jesus died for sin,
Once and for all,
Don't believe in the lies of the devil,
Come to repentance,
Trust in The Lord,
He's got your back,
Uh, ya.

(Verse 1)
Hey repenting's gettin' hard,
'Cuz temptation's gettin' greater,
Man the cross upon my back,
Feels like a thousand pound weighta,
Lord Jesus would ya help through the thickness,
You're my savior,
I don't wanna give into the sin,
'Cuz I know it get me later,
I'mma press, I'mma push, I'mm keep on perseverin',
Through these tests,
Feelin' shook,
But I know The Lord is healin',
It's His grace that He's revealin' in His love,
'Cuz we're His children,
I'mma strive to keep on livin',
'Cuz I know that I'm forgiven,
It's so hard every day in the valley,
Just fightin' giants,
But my scars from my face,
Show exactly where my alliance is,
Growin' in my faith,
So I'm trustin' in His promises,
Blood bought by Christ,
So it's him that I'm honerin',
No more stuck in bondages,
No more coke, chronic , or thizz,
That the last thing I would touch,
'Cuz I'm sick of it,
Sick of bein' stuck in a cage,
Because all my sin,
So I'm freed by Christ,
'Cuz I know that's where life begins.

I'm a knight,
I'm a warrior,
When I fight for Christ I'm victorious,
Light shinin' glorious,
Never gonna get more serious,
Strike kinda like I'm tellin' the enemy,
He can't mess with us,
'Cuz I got Christ right by my side,
And He sent me to be His messenger.

(Verse 2)
It's The Lord that I'm reppin',
It's His word that's my weapon,
That's the sword of The Spirit,
Shield of faith for protection,
Breast plate of righteousness,
Coverin' my upper section,
Got the boots of the gospel of peace,
For preparation,
Now I'm strapped by my lap,
Belt of truth can't be shaken,
I got Jesus by my side,
He gave me the helmet of salvation,
So I'm ready for them tricks,
When the devil brings temptation,
I ain't even tryna slip,
So it's Christ I'm embracin', hey,
I'mma keep on fightin' here,
'Til the battle has been cleared,
Kinda like 300, ahh ooh,
I'mma show no fear,
Through the darkness persevere,
'Cuz the heartless shed no tears,
Even when I be stuck up in a rut,
I'mma keep my head up,
'Cuz Christ is near,
Warn everybody like Paul Revere,
Straight from my heart,
I'm so sincere,
Gotta be ready when times like this,
And them times like that choose to appear,
You could even say I'm a volunteer for war,
'Cuz I got my battle gear,
Saddle up,
There's a castle here,
That we gotta destroy,
So be prepared.


Copyright Never Fade Records
Track Name: Ya Don't Wanna Miss
Listen up,
That's how we do,
Reppin' Christ,
Every day, every night,
Not matter what,

(Verse 1)
Yo I'm reppin' the G.O.D. with my life,
And not just by the talk,
There's so many people out there claimin' Christian,
But they not,
They givin' Him one day up on Sunday,
Then they go and stop,
Back to the ways of smokin' the weed,
And hangin' on the block,
It don't make sense to me,
But I know that it's in God's hands,
So I just pray for them,
That they can see and understand,
That goin' through the motions,
Never gonna do you right,
It's like they're walkin' up in the darkness,
But without a light,
You see The Lord be talkin' about this up in Revelation,
Chapter 3,
Luke warm people are so complacent,
It's like someone that's pacin' back and fourth,
Instead of waitin',
Mad impatient when they're under pressure,
Man they hesitatin',
Don't get me wrong,
Sometimes I fall into this category,
I'm far from perfect,
And my life has been a crazy story,
But that ain't keepin' me from givin' God glory,
Like He said,
Every knee will surely come and bow before HIM!

Ya, think about it homie,
Is it a hundred percent?,
Or are you livin' for The Lord,
On your own content?,
'Cuz it's a fine line,
When you choose bliss,
So listen to these words,
'Cuz you don't wanna miss.

(Verse 2)
Some people got it twisted,
But I ain't pointin' fingers,
Just tellin' how it really is,
And that division lingers,
Within The Church,
Kinda like when you trust a stranger,
With your house keys,
Now your family's in danger!,
We gotta move away from all the talk of politics,
And put our mind and our focus on Jesus,
Well if we wanna be a body then let's be this,
Otherwise you're foolin' on yourself,
And that's the weakest,
And now I see this every time I take a look around,
The devil be lurkin',
Even up in my home town,
I'm on my toes now,
Through Christ I know how,
To do what I gotta do when tribulations go down,
You feel me when I say we gotta clean up The Church,
Through prayer, through love, and through some hard work,
Just remember don't worry 'bout what's in your purse,
Read Mathew 6:32 and put God first.


(Verse 3)
Yo like I said I was born up into this sinful place,
Tempted by the devil,
He always want me to take a taste,
But I tell him,
You better get that up and out of my face,
I'mmuna follow Christ no matter what,
'Cuz my sin is erased,
And I'm makin' haste upon anything,
That's gonna make me sin,
I'm born again,
So best believe through Christ I'm gonna win,
He's my best friend,
And I'm makin' time to follow Him,
There ain't no grin,
When the lost say it's all just pretend,
You feel me,
I'mmuna rep' this Christ for life,
No matter what happens,
I know everything's gonna be alright,
Even if The Church is lookin' like how it was up the Corinthians,
I'm keepin' it true with the one that died up for my sins,
And I don't know how it is,
That we got soo far away,
From the truth of a savior,
Did we forget to pray?,
Or did we not obey,
Livin' and learnin' in His ways,
Lord, please let this be a temporary phase.


Copyright Never Fade Records